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My Story: After 10month t-break.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HeadySpaghetti, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. Short verision why i stopped. Got too high, after not smoking then got really high reminded me of acid trip, so much anxiety paniced. got depersonalization and i was in a rut for so long cuz i was so worried about it and just recently have i been able to say fuck it, and i started smoking, when i used to not even be able to sniff it, afraid i would get high!

    Hahah i laugh at how much I grew from that, I've been high as FUCK the past 4 days, and been afraid of this for the past year!

    Anyways, the time off of smoking really made me find out a lot about myself, enjoy life without weed, and to grow more without drugs to help.

    NOW, i can smoke a .1 .2 bowl and be HIGH AS SHIT for hours on end. I rolled a blunt earlier, ive been the highest i've almost ever been, as if i just started again. I cant smoke a whole blunt or bong rip yet, dont wanna get extremely high, working my way up. But anyways, i smoke 2 hits of the blunt im high as hell again. I've been so high the past 4 days and barely used any bud.

    Best part? FREE! I have over 2+ounces from my grow so i smoke all day and dont have to worry about running out anytime soon and ah.. ist great :) i suggest everyone take a t-break during ur grow op, smoke whens its done.
  2. I wanna play some slut machines....

  3. just remember getting too high is all in your head.
  4. You have to be really careful if you smoke a lot because it can trigger some flashbacks, I know because it has happened to me and I am almost always getting residual visuals from my past psychedelic experiences and cannabis definitely enhances them. Anxiety can be easily triggered through smoking you just need to remember that it's just cannabis and nothing bad is going to happen, and don't over do it. Smoke just as much as you need to because getting too high could make the same thing happen to you again.
  5. this ^

    the only way you can get too high is smoking like...what did the union say...?

    42,000 columbian strength (dank) joints in under 5 minutes?

    You would need to smoke 11.666(repeating) joints of DANK a SECOND to get "too" high. Other than that... it's definately all in your head.

  6. lol there's a difference between dying and being too high. i think being "too high" is when your not in control anymore.
  7. well done man you done good :smoke:
    always good to take a bit of a break if youre hitting it too heavy

    but its good to hear youre back and enjoying the greeeen
  8. i wish i could groW!!
  9. ive realised all the anxiety is fueled by myself, and ive realised that

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