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  1. I swear to Bob Marley himself that these are completely 100% true. May I never enjoy being high again if any part of these stories are inaccurate.

    1st. Me and my friend dodging a couple of dirty DEA cops.
    2nd. Me and my friend (same one) dodging 5 WILLIAMSON COUNTY (worse county in the states to get pulled over in yr after yr ESPECIALLY with MJ) cops that walked into his room while we had just finished smoking and it was fogged as hell.

    Ok so story number one:

    I drive to dtown Austin (tx) to pick up two oz of shwagg. on the way down we smoke 7-8 blunts (can't really remember it was hazy). get to my dealers apartment complex and drive around it conspicuously and horribly cause we can't find the apartment (he had just moved into it and i was STONED). finally park and go in. inside we smoke about a half between four people and buy the two oz. smoked the half through bong/pieces. so my friend and i are legit stoned out of our minds. walk back to my car, put on bob marley (jammin) start pulling out. i look to my left and sure nuff about 8 cops pull up to block us in. they have bproof vests and DEA shit. sawed off shotguns, the whole works. keep in mind we have no eyedrops in, no cologne on, etc. my friend and i each have an oz under our nuts. when i open the door(window won't roll down) bob is still playin and my friend is so high he doesn't realize anything and is still singing along. my thoughts at the time were "oh shit were in the middle of a huge-ass drug bust" and "FUCK MAYNE". officer asks me for my license and his buddies surround my car (friend also realizes what's going on and turns down radio). i take turns asking each of them why i was stopped. all of them said i would have to wait to find out. that's when i knew something was up. they asked me if i knew (dealer's name) and came from his apt. at suchnsuch floor and bought two oz. i said i had no idea what he was talking about and continued to defend it. he asked if i was stoned. i said yeah not gonna lie i'm baked. he steps away and calls my dealer up. see, i didn't know they were being paid by my dealer to cover the apt. complex. so he comes up to my window and says "i know youre stoned, i know you bought 2 oz, i know you came from (name's) apartment. don't lie to me again. he's my friend though so you guys be safe and get out of here". and sent us on our way. i call my dler back and he explained the situation. i was so scared i almost pissed myself. i still made sure i took the scenic route back to avoid being followed lol. i was PARANOID.

    thats the end of number one... sorry i'm too stoned to post number 2 right now and it's 1AM which means i'm fixin to pass out. but number2 is even crazier than number 1. like i said, this is no bullshit completely true event.
  2. dude post the story im bored as hell and close to dry :D
  3. fuck man. idk. gotta have more support than one.

    what part of cali? i grew up in socal (chulavista/sandiego)
  4. i dont get the dealer freinds with 8 cruisers from the DEA.......?
  5. farther north than that..

    between san jose and santa cruz, up in the santa cruz mountains.

    bit farther from SC than i'd like to be, though :D
  6. well shit i'll post it for ya anyways.

    so i'm sittin there with my same friend after having just smoked almost an eighth of some DANK through a 2 foot and a bubbler. it took us about 25 mins to smoke it all. basically his room is FOGGED. were watching tenacious d and the pick of dest. coughing, laughing, bubbly noises, talkin bout names of dealers, sizes of deals, etc. etc. he has a tmobile sidekick phone thingy. well, on one of the modes, when it's locked and you press call twice it automatically calls 911. it did this in his pocket. little do we know the cops are recording our conversation and tracing our position. all of a sudden his lil bro runs in the room and says COPS. wtf?? so we start stashing shit under the bed cover, i put a smoking bubbler into his drawer and close it lol my stoned ass. keep in mind we have about $400 in bongs/pipes/pieces. TONS of resin around the room. 4 grinders, baggies, scales, brass knucks, an unregistered gun, 3 oz, blunt wraps, rolled blunts etc. etc. in his room alone. and it's foggy as hell.

    ok now to tell what was going on. while we were smoking his mom answered the door to the cops. she, while is cool with smoking, doesn't know not to let cops in to "check on the welfare of everybody in the house" and also didn't know we were smoking at the time. so they ask if there are two males in the house. she says yes upstairs. and up they go. i put the bubbler in the drawer as they were about two steps away from his door. when they open the door the lead officer said WHOA how much did yall smoke??!?!?! my stonedass friend was like uhh all of it. so they proceded to ask what we smoked out of where's the rest, you know the standard bullshit that cops ask. then i asked why they were there. they told us and sure nuff his phone was still on call with 911 (meaning they heard us say oh shit hide it under the bed, in the drawer, etc.) well during all of this i realize that the only thing i left out of hiding was about a .8 nug just sitting in plain sight on the dresser. i was like FUCK MAYNE. i couldn't do anything with five cops lookin around and watching us. the entire time they talked bout how they had probable cause to search yada yada. so i then have a stoner revelation idea. the kind that sounds so good in your head and come out horribly. i said wait, yall are here to check on errbodys welfare right?? right... and everybodys good right?? right... so then can yall leave??

    are you a fucking attorney?
    then keep your fucking mouth shut.
    *i deepthroat hard cock of law*
    they procede to hassle us until his mom comes in and makes a huge ass scene bout how she's kicking him out and this and that (even though it's all a bullshit scene for the cops) and they completely believe her. through their entire looking around it over it and all they never see the nug. and leave after just fucking with us.

    but our paranoid asses thought it would be necessary to flush/smash/break/throw away every bit of evidence we had that incriminated us. and two weeks later we were kicking ourselves in the ass for it...

    but hey oh well. lesson learned.
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    dealer is friends with them, but also pays them to watch his complex and bust other dealers in his complex's customers.
  8. you need help
  9. yea man these delusional fantasies are probably interfering with your real life, you should seek professional help immediately.
  10. haters, these stories are sick
  11. fantasies?? lol i would hardly call them such. more like nightmares. very very bad nightmares.
  12. Even if they aren't true, they were still really good.
  13. Exactly what I was thinking.

    Even if they are fake, funny as hell to read.
  14. So you are telling me that cops were standing in your room, knew where you hid shit and didn't confiscate it?

    I'm calling B.S. on this one tbh...
  15. Even if you did 'swear to Bob Marley himself' I don't really believe either story :confused_2:
  16. ok to clarify a lil bit on these. when we were talking about "oh shit hide it in the drawer/under the bed/etc." they were already in the house about to come up the stairs. we didn't know they were there until they were in the house and his lil bro came upstairs and warned us. so when we were saying this, yes the 911 place heard us saying it. but not the cops. i'm sure they have it recorded somewhere in their phone archives, but the 911 place didn't call the cops when they were 2 mins away from being in our room to tell them what we were saying i don't think.

    and even though they have probable cause to search, my personal opinion on why they didn't is because they kind of didn't need to be there in the first place.

    let me explain... when his mom opened the door, according to her, they kind of just walked in without explanation at first. doesn't seem like a big deal, but in court it would stand up that they had no right to be there in the first place other than to ask if everything was ok. they had no right to go upstairs without permission, etc. etc. granted, once they got up there they coulda searched, but i think the way they got up there was sketch. look guys, you don't have to believe me, i really don't care if you do. but this is just some of the crazy shit that's happened in my life and i thought yall would like to hear it.

    i have better things to do then make up bullshit stories late night to entertain stoners.
  17. Thats sounds so awesome. Damn your life is dangerous. Any more stories like that?

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