My stoner story

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  1. Hi guys, returning forum user, forgot my last ones details and email -_-
    Heres a story of the unbelievable coming true, enjoy.
    I was chilling out, like every night. This night was different though, I had no weed because I smoked my stash the night before. All night I sat, watching some bullshit on TV and finding something to do, sleep wasn't an option, its for the weak.
    I lit myself a cigarette, and then it happened. I stubbed my butt out on my locker-side bed. It clicked, I dont know why I didnt think of it soon. I stubb my smokes on the locker and put them in, so there's going to be joint butts I remembered. I got 5 joint butts, ripped them open, picked out the weed and had enough for a blunt.
    Wheres the complaint section? The captcha with the jigsaw is too fucking complicated while stoned! 

  2. That's awesome man. I found some bud today actually. I was looking for my other bong bowl and as I'm going through all my stuff I found a bag that had probably a lil over a gram in it. Pretty decent stuff lol

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    Nice! It's always such a delight when you find some weed when dry :')

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