My Stepson is a selfish, ungrateful, disrespectful, lazy, spoon fed piece of garbage,

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  1. .. And Im PISSED.

    Everyone goes out of their way to help him succeed in school, sports and life,, and he continues to shit all over everybody. He disrespects his mother on a daily basis. His grandparents spoil him and try to give him the benefit of the doubt time and time again, only to be left with a completely ungrateful little punk.

    His grades began to slip this year in middle school, so his grandparents coughed up some serious cash for a top notch tutoring program... and he's doing even worse than before. His teachers send us emails telling us of his incomplete work, and when we confront him, he says "I just didnt want to do it" or "I forgot" or its someone else's fault.

    He's signed up for all year round baseball which is really expensive, so his mother contuniously threatens him with no baseball. The problem is, it cost her so much, it's just an empty threat, and he knows it. He's been grounded for over 6 weeks, and it hasnt had any affect, one bit. No social life, No TV, XBOX, phone, IPOD.

    You tell him to compete one simple choir and it doesnt get done or it's piss poor and half assed. His mom asks him to do something and he completely ignores her. He has this little punk ass attitude towards everyone, and I wanna put my fist through his face! His real dad is a low life piece of shit, and he's headed for the same.

    It's starting to affect my marriage as well. I cant be in the same house with him much longer. Im afraid Im gonna explode on him and end up in jail. I just dont know what to do anymore. His mom and I also have a 6 year old together and I dont want him anywhere near the oldest.

    I guess Im just trying to vent, maybe a little advice, IDK.
  2. Let him fail. He's not going to change. As for being disrespectful, just take away more privileges. He wants to watch TV, tell him no. Make sure he does what he is told to do. If you want him to pick up the trash in the yard, go out there with him and make sure he does the job right. He'll learn eventually.

    Just be more strict. It's the only thing that you can do, man.
  3. Sounds like you're a lousy step dad too.
  4. Beat him.

    Worked on me. :D
  5. In my opinion, send his ass to boarding school and have him enjoy being mangled by the sergeants over there. He'll have fun doing push-ups for days with his disrespect.

    Don't go down to that level and abuse him physically. That would only lead to trouble for you, and that kid is obviously not worth it.

    If his grandparents are dropping top dollar for his education, might as well drop it down for his attitude and perseverance.

    Nothing else really comes to mind. Hope you figure it out man. Don't let your marriage come into complications because of the kid's disrespect, if you love your wife and your child, work towards a better tolerance for your stepson's disrespect and just put up with it until it's solved.

    All the best.. Stay up... Take it easy blade.
  6. Send him away to a behavioral rehab center if hes younger then 18.

  7. Seriously, I never back talked to my mom or dad cause I knew I would get my ass kicked later that night.

    Maybe its time to instill some love (or hate) taps on your kid until he realizes that he can't be a punk to the people that provide for him.
  8. Ass whoopins are a unused resource nowadays. :D

    I see so many kids that act just like the OPs step son.
    Kids have NO respect for their parents anymore.
  9. God I fucking hate child abuse laws
  10. I have never laid a hand on him for the record. His mom has a few times. If my blood ran through his veins it would be a different story.
  11. you both sound shitty so you deserve each other good day can i get my 100$ now?

  12. Although those laws are their for a good reason its protecting too many brats.
  13. My parents took everything out of my room once. That worked. No bed, no lights, no books.
    Volunteer work? Try and make him see how shitty life can be if he keeps being a little fuck up.
    I dunno dude. He sounds like a little shit.
  14. hahaha. What makes the OP look like a asshole here?

    I think all the teenagers that have step parents are taking this to heart. :D
  15. Lol am i the only one here, that sees this is a counter thread to that other thread.
  16. Yep at some point unmotivated spoiled kids won't change until something makes them, if they've actually got any smarts anyway. But eventually he'll get to the point where things won't be as easy and he'll have to change or be happy with being at the bottom. Same thing I've had to do because I wasn't very motivated in school as a kid, although I wasn't that bad lol.

    But I'm in no way an expert with kids or a parent, in fact I'm skeptical whether I ever want to have kids or not simply because I don't want a kid like that, I really enjoy just being able to do what I want too and I don't have much patience or tolerance for anything I don't like if it's in my space, out in the world sure, but not in my own personal space in my house, so I guess make what you can out of my advice.

    I'm sure other people who actually do work with kids or are parents will have better advice though, all I have to offer is my short transition from teen to adult (21 now) and I just had to figure things out.

    But my personality is that I'm calm and don't care much for social things, so with that and marijuana aiding me in being able to zone out and see the world in a bigger picture and figure things out for myself, as in how I want to make my dreams come true and how I can make it all work together to where I have the least amount of stress, it helps me with my path. But I know how being in school and really just not caring for it is because when I was a teen I was that way.

    I don't know, I'm just reflecting on my mind state then and now, it's really hard to give a kid who's never had to face reality yet to become humble & really embrace working toward something, kids basically grew up waking up for school at 7 am and coming home at 3 so it's kind of hard to get them to understand what it's really contributing too when they reach a critical point in their lifes because all they know is the attitudes of other kids around them which rubs off to them, sports, TV, xbox, etc.

    Also if you try to get them to understand that they're so young they don't know how quickly years really pass by because they don't have that lifespan yet to really map things out for the most part. That's how I was when my parent's talked to me then, kind of went in one ear and out the other, and when I did listen a bit more I still had so many years until adulthood it was hard to take it seriously. Especially when school doesn't come naturally to them and they have to concentrate to get it done, then they're just eager to go home. So it's a complicated stage of life, especially when you have stupid kids in school sitting next to you in your classes holding you back.

    I don't know what to tell you as a true cure all way to fix this, when you've got a difficult kid that won't work with you it can be impossible, but I hope between my post and the post of others you'll be able to reach a conclusion.
  17. you kinda sound like an ass dude. cut the kid some slack. hes not out committing crimes or anything really terrible. i kno if i ever had a step parent, i would just naturally hate them cause i would feel like they are taking my real parents place. he just sounds like a rebellious preteen whos pissed off cause his parents arent together. learn some god damn patience
  18. i stole 20,000$ from my step dad,and he was cool b. so chill dog.

  19. I'm sure the OP has learned a lot about patience if he hasn't hit the little fuck yet.

  20. You stole 20k with no repercussions? okay.:rolleyes:

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