my stems are turning red???

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  1. I currently have 4 vegging plant i feed them at 450 ppm at a ph between 5.8-6.0 ...but recently i noticed some of my stems turning red and im not sure why.

    Any input would be appreciated...thanks in advance 20170828_131146.jpg 20170828_080920.jpg

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  2. I had some red stems early on , I was told it could be cold weather or be needing some cal-mag . We did have some cool overnight temps ( outside grow ) and I did add cal=mag and the red stems went away . Alos some strains tend to have some red . Your plants do not look unhealthy to me but im new also
  3. my temps are typically between 75 and 90 degrees f indoors
  4. Main stems or leaf stems..?
    Leaf stems red/purple are normal with certain strains..Red/Purple Main stems are usually temp/ nute problems..
  5. both
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