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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Sublime Guy, Jul 18, 2003.

  1. I have a plant growing for weeks now (don't know what kind). Everything was going good till yesterday. The stem isn't holding up ther plant. I genlty wiggled it back and forth every now and then to make sure it's strong but that didn't help. I'm holding it up with a sting righit now. any help?????
  2. what kind of light are you using sometimes plants will stretch out and fall over if they dont get enough light hope this helps
  3. use twist ties to hold it to a stick. make sure to use plastic not paper ties, cause paper will rot.
  4. my plant is about 3 1/2 weeks old its leaves are turning yellowish on tips,whats happining? i poured a little bit of my piss on it cause my friend said it would help it,was i wrong to do it? also should i transplant my plant to a larger container, its in a plastic cup now?
  5. Piss is not good for the plant, it's just a stupid rumer that is being sreap, ya it could caus more thc to be made but it will harm the plant more.
  6. I wrote along reply all nice and creative but lost it in the grey bar motel… so here is an annoted version.

    Right, first up, let's clear this whole piss thing up.

    It is an urban myth.

    Piss is high in Nitrogen, however this content is directly relative to the diet of the piss producer. This is why some guano is high N and others high P. Now you could in theory use piss as a source of N if you had the right kind of diet (probably a vegan) however there are further limitations. Firstly the acidity is likely to throw your soil PH right out and secondly is the concentration of the substance, thirdly, also contained in piss are various substances that are by products of our digestive process that we do not want the plant to “drink”, finally, well finally is just a rational thing…who the fuck wants to smoke a product of your piss….?

    If urine is to be used as an emergency source of N (I can't think of any reason why when nutes are so easily and cheaply available) it should be diluted massively, at least a gallon of water to ever cup of urine.


    Go punch your friend repeatedly in th ehead for believing everything he reads. Repot your plants (a cup is too small and that soil (dependent on how much piss you added) is going to be pretty over fertlised) into a minimum of 3 litre (preferably 5) container and away you go.

    As for Mr Weak Stems, as the guys said, support and a twist tie. Not to tight though. An oscillating fan in the grow that blow air across them will strengthen the stems for the future.


  7. i love these posts about smoking piss, i take it u all know that the food on ur plate was grown with cow shit?
    do u eat burgers? ever seen the crap they feed cows these days in them high proteen feeds? there is a reason amimal feed has a label on it saying not fit for human consumson. have u ever seen inside a slaughter house and how ur food is treated b4 u eat it?
    did u wash ur hands last time u went 4 a piss? did the guy working at burger king b4 he give u ur fries?
    i think a bit of piss in the soil aint gonna do a fat lot, i dont use it tho, propper feeds r cheap enough and a dam lot better.

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