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  1. Hey everyone,

    I bought all the supplies needed for my Stealth PC grow today. I am using a huge computer style fan on it, I'd say its 160mm. Anyways, it passes a whole lot of air. I bought two 6500k 27watt CFLs, and two 27watt, 2500k CFLs. I've also got "Miracle Grow Organic Choice Potting Mix" soil. Unfortunately, I broke on of my 6500k CFLs, so I'll just be using one 6500k and one 2500k. I am not looking for a huge yield here, its my first grow and I am not a huge smoker anyways. If I get more than 5 grams I'll be very satisfied.

    So, what do you guys think? It's completely black at night once its in my closet with a tshirt draped loosely across the top... I'll be building a simple carbon scrubber soon.

    Will two lights be enough? If not, how could I even mount more? I assume 54watts of CFL's should be enough for a few simple plants to be LST'd. I don't reckon I'll fit more than 5 plants in there to start with, no more than 3 to end with.

    Temperature stays at a steady 79 degrees or so, not really higher than room temp. Is that ok? The three plants in the photos are there for size reference only.

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  2. very clever dude. keep up the good work. :smoke:
  3. Just a few tips to help you on your grow, first off get rid of the aluminum foil, the creases create "hot spots" that can burn certain parts of the plant and make it very hard to get consistent temperature readings for the plants. I would get mylar if you can but if you cant then just put in cardboard and paint it white, it will help trust me. Second, as for the wattage, a good rule of thumb is 100 watts per plant, so I would say no you do not have sufficient lighting in there, so I would either replace the 2500ks with 6500ks, or even better get more lights, and if that's a problem I would definitely only have one plant in there. Hope I helped somewhat, gl on your grow, very stealthy indeed!
  4. Thanks guys. It looks natural in my computer parts infested closet. The case has been there for a while too so it looks fine - its way in the back so you'd never even be able to find it.

    I just ordered northern lights seeds from Does anybody else have experience with this site? Good or bad? Advice is much appreciated. Reps to all.
  5. Hey everyone. I built a carbon scrubber today using two rolled pieces of wire wesh, a fish filter, some pantyhose, and a small amount of activated carbon. I'll add more carbon if I can find some around here, but I doubt it. Oh, and then I wrapped the thing in those sheets you use to make your laundry smell nice and fresh...

    Anyways, I have a 15watt flouro left from a fish tank. Should I put it in? I believe its around 16 inches, maybe more maybe less, dunno.
  6. Hey try making a grow in a laptop next time! I would love to see that:p
    Good luck with your current grow!
    PS Might want to move to a server case once those plants grow.
  7. since you are in a small pc box with not too much height, you might wanna look into the lowryder 2 strain. and what are you temps in that box?
  8. Read the thread for all your answers...

    I'm LSTing northern lights plants, my temps average around 80.

  9. It's a pretty nice system you got there. I cheesed out and went with a pre-built PC grow box to save the trouble of building my own. Got one of the large PC grow boxes by Homegrown Hydroponics...
  10. Darth Vadar, do you have any light leaking issues with that system? And what about odor?
  11. Vader have you harvested in that case before? What kind of lamp did you go with?
  12. I knew that case looks familiar. Turns out I have the same one. :D

    Nice job so far. BTW, how are your powering your case-fan?
  13. I'm now using a hyoooge case fan, its a lot bigger than average and it is hooked up to a 12v adaptor that just plugs into any old socket...
  14. any update on this grow/box? exhaust? are the lights harnessed to the top or can they move up and down?
  15. a few things,

    1. yes get rid of the aluminum foil!
    2. after looking at the pictures i dont see anywhere for fresh air to come in, you should be able to get at least an 80mm fan going in there, you can hook it up to the other fans power source.
    3. trust me when i say, realistically only 1 plant should be grown in there, i have a pc grow box as well and im having trouble keeping the plant short enough to manage while maximizing yield!
    4. sadly the lights your are using simply put are not enough to really do anything, you will get growth but it wont be prolific enough to enjoy a sitisfactory yield (not even 5 grams), go to and pick up a either an 85watt or 105watt daylight 6500k CFL bulb and then you will be growing some decent bud.

    its a start and it looks good, be well

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