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    Dude first of all sweet setup.. i can see you put at least a little effort with your box... very nice...

    a word of caution... turn on your lights and close the doors... turn out the lights in your room... if you can see light escaping your box... light will be getting in... this was my biggest bone of contention with my box... in the end my plant turned hermie... totally depressing

    don't veg longer than three week, if at all

    build a screen

    start a journal

    Effen sweet
  3. yeah that is a pretty neat little setup man,yeah i wouldnt veg long either.i kinda think 3 weeks would be pushin it but depends on strain and other factors to.if i were you i would try lst or check out scrog,i could see scrog working great in there.but keep us updated man! :bongin:
  4. Wow, looks nice! What's the container originally? From walmart??

    Question: why is 3 weeks of veg growth recommended? Because the plants will get too tall?
  5. The box is from target. Like 40 bucks and the reflective material is from home depot or lowes. It's attic insulation. Got a role of the stuff I'm my garage
  6. very nice lad ,hope it works for ya
  7. thanks for all the comments guys

    the box is completely light proof and im growing autos so veg time and light problems dont really matter and im looking into doing a scrog with this
  8. man i wish you had a tut on how you completed this set up, it looks really good. !
  9. Question: why is 3 weeks of veg growth recommended? Because the plants will get too tall?[/QUOTE]

    3weeks is just kind of rough estimate,could be more could be less,but yes ur correct you'd be suprised how big plants can get if you over veg them.just meens your gonna have to wrestle it back more and keep everything tied back,i would seriously try scrog though or atleast the get more veg time and bigger plant in smaller space and its not much work specially after you get done and your smoking the fruits of your labor! :smoke:. lol but im look foward to watchin the box progress man
  10. just looked at the strains you where gonna use,that auto ak looks fun you gonna do a grow journal as well?
  11. I just wanted to say that is nice and clean. I am very often underwhelmed by some of the thrown together, hacked to hell, stoner boxes I see around the web, and that is a very nice little setup.
  12. Nice box bro, im getting ready to start my grow. I might just steal your idea. Are you going to post a journal? I hope so I really want to see how this goes.
  13. Great looking box. Definetely following these updates bro.
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  15. I feel like your box just shit on mine ! that box is perfect.
    on the 3rd pic, where you open the door and theres that reflective film, did that come with the box or did you install it ? grow on man !
  16. he installed all of that you see inside.. the holes, the power strips the lights and all the reflective attic insulation you see... perfect answer for all the problems i had....

    because my box failed so badly.... i sunk another four hundred into my next build... wish i had just used the insulation and done what you did.. i loved my box... it just leaked so much light... my head exploded
  17. that does look like the perfect answer. I'm about to go buy Mylar to outfit my cab with but I REALLY like the fact that the cab has that Attic Insulation cause of that added "door" if you will that you open. how much did that go for and how did you install it ?
    I'm about to go buy some lights too and I like the adjustable height that you did. care to share you it was done ? cheers on the box.
  18. Nice clean simple set up .... A+ :smoke:
  19. Where did u get the fans and how did u install the shiny stuff
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