my social status, is ''redneck''

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  1. ive had some blades on here. not understand me at all,, im a redneck, not a racist,, which is what comes to most minds.... when they hear the word ''redneck'' ,,,im just a outdoors type of fellow... i enjoy the simple life..for example heres a few things i have laying around the house,,,, thats ''rednecky'' my rebel, flag that flies in the front yard,, my base station beams for my home c.b... ,, my game chickens, my 50.calibur black powder rifle, my badass compound bow,, my homemade grill,[ we dont cook on nothing thats bought from lowes] my old datsun 4 by 4 that im restoring, and my chickens again, because i like my birds!!!!

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  2. no shame man, i dont think your racist. this is bullshit that people stereotype nice people like you. Youve been pretty cool with me, and thats what counts. have a good day man
  3. you should get a mountainboard. its extreme sports for rednecks its awsome
  4. why does it really matter? be who you want to be, not what someone else wants you to be...
  5. it wouldnt download my sandels with the duct-tape on them,,,,, youd have got a laugh off that,,,,

    you never know they may be some blade wondering about basestations and have a question,, or a black-powder question...or a bow question...

    and thats a georgia flag [ the old one] and i dont even live in georgia,,,

    i did fly a japannese flag, till the wind ripped it to hell.... i think they got the coolest flag of all,, flags known to man!!!

    how you'll like my game cocks,,, badass in my eyes....
  6. theres no mountains in florida???? where im at..:D
  7. I didn't think you were a redneck.

    BTW,photos of guns and gun discussion are not allowed on The City- you hick :p (Just messing around man).
  8. Redneck here too. BE PROUD! :wave:
  9. redneck here too!

    my whole family is from SC and GA
  10. who would have thought thier was so many ''necks'' on here..... dude that chick is timpting me to lick my screen......

    im not a neck by birth,,, im a '' neck;; by choice.... i think you can live in new-hamshire and be a neck,,,, its a lifestyle, not a agenda....

    and yes theres proably a many a blade that didnt know my true identity....

    but im coming out of the g-city closet,,,,, IM A NECK,,, proablly the biggest one on this whole web-site....... who else has a base-station,,, thats real ''necky'' be cool, and thanks for the nice posts.... theres a reason im disclosing my full '' identity'' but we wont go there!!!;)
  11. LOL

    GC rednecks unite!
  12. I like your truck.

    With these gas prices rising, you should load the ass end up with a bunch of golf cart batteries and couple a series wound DC motor to the transmission. If you don't want your bed full of batteries, there are tilt-up beds you could buy so that the batteries are located under the bed.

    The starting torque of an electric motor is often more than enough to pull tree stumps. With about $15k, you could make an electric truck that does 0-60 mph ~7 seconds, top speed > 120 mph, and ~100 miles per charge at 60 mph if you pay attention to aerodynamics, rolling resistance, transmission friction, and other sources of drag. It would recoup the costs to build it in gas savings in about 5 years, less time if gas prices go even higher. You could build a conversion with greatly reduced performance, say 0-60 in 25 seconds and 70 mph top speed with 40 miles range for about $4,000-5,000 or so.

    If that's not your cup of tea, put a turbodiesel in that bitch and run it on waste vegetable oil. It will cost more per mile than the electric car, but it is cheaper to implement up front and therefore you get a quicker return on investment.

    And keep the camo paintjob. That looks fucking awesome(the pics are very grainy and hard to tell. If that's primer or ground down metal, I apologize, but still think camo would be awesome on it). Also, I recommend the addition of a gun rack.
  13. i guess i might also be classified as a hillbilly rednoeck from the prairies w.e:p. my back yard looks so hick, little grass...more weeds, not weed ,weeds!!!!! a busted ass van, a bad lookin yet under it all '69 Mustang and "71 charger. i love those cars to death but im kinda a hick lol. oooo and another is were i live very few people are into racing. i love racing and for that am clasified as a hick i gues....i still love it man!!!!and i drink good old saskatchewan hick beer Pilsner!!!not canadian like evry1 else!(canadian being a brand of beer:p)
  14. I'm a Floridian, but I hang rednecks. ;)
  15. Dude, you need to get those bitches going. Especially the Charger.
  16. yeah its a camo. paint job,,,,, i did it with pallmetto leaves,,, and such....

    i just got my camera going,,, and its a cheap bastard,,,, about the size of 3 saltine crackers.. i took the bed off to replace it, and noticed so much frame rust,,,,, that the project got put on the back burner until some extensive welding could be done!!!! i got everything i need to get this old school truck rolling again,,,

    1978 L-18 motor,,, a jam up tranny, and all else is there.....

    no comments on my birds,,,, whats up all these blades and no game chicken lovers on the whole site!!!! and i drink natural light.... like it was water,,,,

    long live the necks!!!!!:love::love::ey:
  17. [quote name='cheebaa']I didn't think you were a redneck.

    i guess my ''sig'',,,,, ;;connisuer of the allmighty swampcabbage plant ;;gave you no hint i wasnt '' normal'' hahahahah just kidding ,,,:smoking::ey::laughing:
  18. Why do you always type in Bold? It takes me twice as long to read what you say because of it...
  19. [quote name='My Fax']Why do you always type in Bold? It takes me twice as long to read what you say because of it...[/quote

    i wouldnt say it takes you twice as long to read, it,,,,, but it does make reading it easier...... it got your attention;;;;; and its my pet pev,,,,,,

    its part of my '' originality'' per-say,,,,,,be cool!!!:D
  20. That bow IS badass

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