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  1. My smoking kit...[..]:hello:

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  2. not bad. I'd invest in a better grinder (keif screen etc) and some better bud.

  3. The grinder is excellent and don't you worry about the bud...its landrace variety of cannabis so it might look like shit but give the high equal to that of mids
  4. Personally, not my taste. I hardly use grinders, I like to use medical scissors. It breaks up my bud if Im not doing it with my hands but im not too sure what you can do with those scissors.
    The grinder doesn't look "excellent", in my opinion. I dont like grinders unless they are great and have a kief collector, so space case is needed for a great grinder.
    The lighter, im iffy on as well. I was raised where everyone had a zippo for cigs and a bic for weed. Ofc now I use hempwick wrapped around my bic with the extra 200 ft spool stashed where I keep my kit.

    Of course, I see that we have different smoking interests. I use glass more than anything.. dont even have papers.. but it seems like that is a huge part of your smoking experience. :)
  5. IMAO the grinder looks cheap but there are two versions...this one is the heavier one and grinds the bud beautifully

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