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My situation

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TheBongMan, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. Okay, so yesterday we were dry, and we knew one person the could get us some, we'll call him chris. We gave chris a call to see if he wanted to hang out in the basement and if he could hook us up, so he comes over and calls his guy and then he gets the guy to come out here. When he arrives we just chill and talk, and he said he could hook us up with 2 8ths of dank for 80 dollars. So we only had 60 and then chris wiped out some coke. Chris then said if we gave him 60 and did a lil coke with him (I don't do coke anymore so I didn't) if he would sell it to us and he said yes. So after they got all coked out chris's guy wiped out 200 dollars and they were going to buy a ball or 2, so chris's guy said he had to go to his car to get the buds, and then he calls back saying he isn't coming back cause he doesn't wanna buy coke. So chris said "okay then could you just drop off the weed" and hung up and told us he was going to wait outside for him so we gave him the money. Chris never came back, so what should I do, I don't really wanna do anything I wanna regret so should I call him, and be a dickhead or just work something out with him?
    Any suggestions?
  2. thats gutless, if he dodged out on your money, thats fucked. Thats why i would never hand anyone money if i didnt know em super well (my good buddy is my dealer) and i sure as hell wouldnt hand over cash until the weed is in front of me...cut and ready to be sold, your just asking for trouble if you actually let the guy walk to his car with your money... I would have asked him to get the dank before i bought it just to see it. If a dealer is gonna make 60 bucks off you, he is obviously not gonna have a problem making a 2 min walk to your car. I bet you his whole intension was to snake you... no one goes to a deal and leaves the good in another location... you got played bro

  3. I've known chris for a while, he shouldn't have done that to me, but I'm calling him today and getting my fucking money back
  4. good man, let us know how that plays out

  5. man that sucks. although it might say something about the group you hang out with. choose your friends carefully and always know who you let in your house man. maybe try to start growing your own bud too. you wont have to worry about dealers and the hassle, and the reward is great. hope you get your cash back.
  6. I called him a lil bit ago and he didn't go home last night so I am pretty annoyed now. We used to be close close friends but this is gay now.
  7. Wow this is one of the few times i say beat his ass because that sounds like a hustle probly not one but none the less i would still kick his ass.
  8. bump what did he do?
  9. Well I guess you will learn from this. It is not worth beating his ass, ignore em'. I would hate to see 1 of my blades locked up for beating down some coke head fool. If you do anything just ask him what the deal was, tell him you thought it was all good and he dicked you. If he makes things right thats cool if not you know what kinda friend he is. JOE>
  10. Its okay!!!!! Chris told me that his guy was his only ride home, and he didn't have his cell phone that night so he couldn't call me. But today I got the buds, and and extra 2 grams for the wait and scare. They are beautiful I might add. I'm so happy I didn't get riped off.
  11. That's how it is sometimes...
  12. congrats on getting the buds man. Thats awesome you get an extra 2 grams, was it worth it? I just had to smile when you said he came through.:D
  13. See? Don't jump to conclusions. :) Glad you got your greenery.
  14. Getting punked sucks. If it's your friend then thats weird, hopefully he has full intention on paying you back.

    I've been robbed a few times and there's nothin I can do about it, but oh well, hopefully the guy will pay ya back.

  15. haha way to read the replies =D

    man i woulda been furious haha then started yellin and he wips out the free 2gs and just takes them id be like NOOOO utter dissapointment

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