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Discussion in 'General' started by stonedalone, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. ya i made a random shitty internet site when i got bored, ya it sucks and its a freee webspace thing, but im tryin to get some improvement and ideas

    go ahead and tell me if it sucks, i dont really care im just tryin to get some feedback, and im very very bored
  2. what happened to the link?
  3. it sucks. but really,it does suck, but at least you took the time to make one, got off your ass (kind of) and created something. for that i applaud. but other than that, i tried to surf around to see things, but i couldnt spend more than 20 seconds. sorry

    its a real good idea for a site though, pm me, and we can talk about production of a simiar idea, but better, because i like the idea.
  4. not trying to jack your thread or spam my site but i have a shitty site i made also, its not done and needs lots of work..and it combines weed and porn! :smoking:
  5. The two best things in the world, weed and sex

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