My sister's friends.

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  1. I am 21. My sister is 18. All her friends are 18+ btw. They are so fuckin easy to get with. It's almost too easy. They are sooooo sexy too. I am at my place up north visitin the fam and one of the things I love about bein here is my sisters friends. Any other blades make a habit of gettin with siblings friends lol. They are usually a good fuck too. haha
  2. Tried once, but she was too tight and I couldn't get it in.
  3. haha nah hasnt happened to me but you should try to get two of em in a three way ;)
  4. My sister's friends are ugly.
  5. Nah man I just fuck my sister.
  6. lol wait wut :O

  7. haha I wish.
  8. u lucky mfucka.

    by all means bruh.

    enjoy urself.

  9. My sister took after my fathers side, which meant she has always been fat and ugly. They tend to run in herds, so ummmmmmm no.
  10. Okay, I always tried to be the good guy and not go after my younger sisters friends.
    The problem is they were always flirting with me and going after me!
    I tried to be the good big brother and take the high road, but some of her friends were just too hot and aggressive to turn down.
    I dated one of my sisters bestfriends for about a year, that probably wasn't a good idea lol, but it happened.
    And one of my favorite memories is my sister had this hot little black friend. One morning she knocked on my door and slipped into my room and got undressed down to her bra and panties and got into my bed. I tried to be the good guy, but she was hot as hell, and the combination of morning wood was too hard for me to overcome lol
    Ended up playing with her all morning long, and a few times after ;-)
  11. This is what I meant, without being so harsh. :p
  12. I wish I had a sister.

    A hot one. So.. hot friends :D
  13. I'm a cold blooded prick who speaks his mind. The only thing I sugarcoat is cookies and donuts.
  14. That is my situation too. Like I will wake up and smoke a bowl and I have a habit of smoking in the morning just in boxers so sometimes my sis's friends who slept over will wake up early and smell the bud and wander into my room and thats usually how I end up fuckin them lol. Smoke them out then bang them out all morning. :smoke:
  15. My sisters friends be hoochie
  16. I'm actually a lot like that, people always laugh about how harsh I am on my sister(s).
  17. I'm like that with everything and everybody.
  18. Mmmm cookies. :)
  19. I make awesome cookies for the record!
  20. I play it safe and go for the receptionists friends at work.

    She has alot of friends who are "Unhappy".

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