My sisters boyfriend (long)

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  1. I know this story doesn't really have a lot to do with marijuana, but I really need to get this off my chest. I'm hoping maybe you guys can lend some good advice.

    They started going out a little over a year ago and I always thought he was a good guy. I knew pretty much from the start he was an avid marijuana smoker and had been for years, and I knew how fucked up it can make some people (past knowledge from her ex-boyfriend). Months go by and I slowly become a smoker as well. My friends soon become his friends and we all start hanging out together (including my sister).

    They moved out of my parents house a few months ago and into their own place. Now with my parents out of the picture, I see the way he truly is. I'm not saying he is a bad guy, but when he isn't high he becomes schizophrenic. He calls my sister really terrible names in front of me and everyone else over NOTHING and later claims he was only joking or it wasn't a big deal. He'll instantly be angry at any of us for no good reason, other than the fact he hates his life while high. If he gets shitty with me for no reason I won't take his shit. Usually I'll just be like fuck this and leave before anything gets out of hand.

    Then, he'll go buy some pot, walk in an give my sister a big hug and kiss and apologize. Now, it's good that he apologizes, but he can't treat her like shit then expect her to forgive him just because he's happy that he has his pot. I'm in an awkward position because I feel like I should go off at him. He's 5 years older then me but I'm not really scared of him. The only thing holding me back is I don't really want to get involved in their relationship because it will just cause shit.

    My sisters ex boyfriend was like this guy x 10, he was a fucking psychopath. I won't go into details but we found out a lot of nasty shit that he did to my sister/family (stealing etc.) AFTER they broke up. I always knew he was a douchebag but I didn't know to what extent, and have always been down on myself for not doing anything about him when I had the chance. I don't want the same thing to happen with her current boyfriend.

    What would you do in my situation?
  2. I need to get my mind out of the gutter.

    "My sisters boyfriend (long)" got me
  3. Some chicks lose the confidence needed to break the cycle of douche bag boyfriends. If he is being verbally abusive you need to let her know. Sometimes people get so used to it they don't realize it's even happening. If it continues or gets worse maybe you should make others aware so they can help her. Don't just ignore it because you don't want to get involved. He may need help with his anger issues and what not.
  4. She was like that kind of with her last boyfriend, but she does acknowledge how he treats her and her and I actually discuss it a lot. I tell her how it pisses me off and the way I feel towards him.

    Basically, I'm looking for a way to show this guy that I really can't let him treat her like shit anymore, but I want to do it in a way that isn't confrontational or "threatening".
  5. Your sister needs to realize that she's in a downward spiraling relationship again, you can't get THAT involved in it. At least, not in the open. Talk to her about the way you see him treat you and it disgusts you, shit like that.

    And if it gets to the point where you can't take it anymore, take it up with him. Even though he is 5 years older than you, you can still send a serious message to him about fucking with you, your sister, or anybody in your family. That being, with a weapon or your hands. I hope you understand the kind of "message" I'm talking about here... I don't know about you, but nobody fucks with my family.

    I nearly knocked out my cousins bf cuz he was calling her some terrible names and treating her like shit at a party. That type of shit is unacceptable in my eyes.

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