My sister looks down on me for weed

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  1. Let me back up a little and describe my situation before asking for advice.

    My family is a conservative, Roman Catholic family. All of us kids have gone to private catholic schools all our lives and they have honestly sheltered us. My first semester of college was a huge step up and it was quite the eye opener.

    Anyways, my little sister is a sophomore in high school at a private catholic all-girls high school. She recently came out to me about her drinking problem (one beer a night=alcoholism??? idk, she's just weird) and I thought I would return the gesture by coming forward with my marijuana use. She was instantly disgusted in me. She believes I'm ruining my life and that because I have to hide it, it's bad.

    Without getting into a major debate about whether I care what she thinks, I want her to learn about marijuana. The problem is that she refuses to learn or listen. Most of her friends use it but she still hangs with them. I honestly just want her to love me and except me for who I am without giving me the middle finger everytime I mention marijuana.

    Last night, she had a friend over. This girl is 15 and she uses weed. I simply started a conversation about smoking, prices, quality, general pothead talk. Meanwhile, my little sister just got super fed up with it and stormed out. Yeah, it might have been rude of me to talk about that stuff, but my little sister refuses to listen. She continues to stick with her old ways and doesn't even have a valid excuse why it's illegal, she just mumbles stuff about then government or about how the devil created the marijuana plant (for realz)

    My question: Should I try and find educational material for her or should I just let her be?
    She is just 16 and probably really confused (puberty, typical girl drama, being a snotty little stuck up bitch...)

    Any advice is welcome.

    And no, I'm pretty sure that she won't want to watch a video (like The Union, which is amazing)

    I've offered smoking with her but she yells at me like I'm offering her cyanide.

  2. heres your problem.. ;)
  3. Haha i know. I'm just wondering if I should wait for her to come around or try to educate. I think I'm gonna wait and see how she turns out.
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    My sister is 17 and she does the same. She used to date my best friend, who was a hardcore stoner, and since they split she looks down on weed.

    I just tell her, its my life, I know I wont go to college like her, I know I will work until I die. Ive been working over 5 years already, so whats another 40?

    There comes a place and time that we have to stop being so embarresed for smoking. Our family has made many choices in their lives, and this is our choice.

    My advice is , keep smoking, but dont do it around her, its not fair for her to suffer while you smoke, just be the adult and keep it from her.

    I tried educating my sis, and it didnt work, she got madder, so dont bother

    Hope that helps.

  5. yeah, she'll see the truth on her own in time.. just show her that stoners can be healthy, responsible, people and youve done your part.
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    Thanks man, it just saddens me that she thinks I'm gonna ruin my life over a harmless plant.

    I should note that I have excellent grades in school and the only reason I don't have a job is that the economy is a complete failure for a 20 year old looking for a job.
  7. lol Im 20 too, I went to a Chinese Joint man, $5.50 an hour, plus tips, Friday I made 70 bux just in tips.
  8. haha no she isn't. she's as thin as a stick.

    At this pont I'm getting desperate for a job

    Alas, my little sister spends most of her time talking to her boyfriend and she barely wants to spend anytime with her family. It's kind of funny to me, the pothead is re-establishing family ties (transferred colleges to back home) while the non-smoker avoids her family to be with her boyfriend
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    Do her a favor... take a bit of the shelter away, just speak your mind.

    TBH, if I heard any person, family or not, thinking they had a drinking problem (other than the legal problem, for her age) for drinking one beer a night, and then accounting for it, and THEN getting down on a weed smoker...

    Well, I'd probably slap them. Or at least /facepalm for several minutes straight, whilst I thought of what to say, then just decided to walk away.

    Tell her to turn on Intervention; THOSE people have problems. She's just sheltered and doesn't know better.
  10. Dude, how old are you? Like, personally, I would advise you to like, sit her down and discuss the pros and cons of marijuana or as dave would say, hotbox the car with her and blow smoke in her face and ask her how it feels.
  11. i would talk to her about it tell hell her all the benefits. if she doesnt believe you show her all the websites online. would be a good place to start. let her try it with you in the right environment. if thats not enough then its time to start lookin down on her;)
  12. Man I remember I was like that when I was like 13, it's the dumbass propoganda the schools and d.a.r.e. tells kids pisses me off.

    I'm not gonna lie she sounds pretty ignorant so it'll be really hard to get through to her, sit her down and ask her why she thinks pot's bad. Everything she says, show her proof that she's wrong (on the internet or w/e). Imo, if she won't take the time to hear you out then it's time to stop talking to her.
  13. People tend to cement themselves in ignorance more and more as they get older. Keep working on her now before it's too late.
  14. did you say your were forbidden to masturbate in high school? i wouldnt be concerned too much with your family's judgements
  15. Try to educate. Always try to educate.
  16. fuck haters. period. even family, sometimes they become the biggest haters of all. i know it sucks but thats what has happened, the media has made marijuana look like its killing our children in america. as if it is the worst possible thing on earth. we spend tons of tax dollars on anti marijuana campaigns [commercials, etc]. to sum it all up, your sister has been brainwashed by the way media projects marijuana. sorry man.

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