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my sister is a bitch.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ant-hony, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. This happened not more than 5 min ago. And here's a little background info; i've been caught smoking but my younger brother who also smokes hasn't been caught yet. my parents think i only experimented and i doubt they think i still smoke, and they have no idea about my little brother.

    but here is the story. i sprayed some spray deodorant on myself because i didn't want to smell bad before i went to bed because i haven't showered since the morning. i guess the way the air blows in my room made a lot of it go into the hallway which is where my brother and sister's rooms also are. my sister (obviously assuming either me or my younger brother smoked) went into my little brothers room while he was trying to sleep and used her fingers to open his eyes to see if they were red. seeing nothing she switched targets, onto my room.

    she then banged on my door and as i opened it she tried to smell my room and then asked "why did you spray that stuff"
    i replied "because i wanted to put some on?"
    the conversation continued and she was grilling my why i sprayed the deodorant while looking straight in my eyes to check them.

    she is constantly trying to find proof that either me or my brother smoke and the second she has any she will turn us in. she is only home for another month and then back to college. i do have intel (my brother's friend who's sister is my sister's friend says she has smoked at least once) but i don't know what to do with it. i may try to educate her on the herb but im not sure that won't just turn into "mom look at the website anthony just showed me". idk what to do.

    btw im 18, and just because im an adult doesn't mean i want my parents to know i smoke.
  2. What. A. Bitch. How can she be in college and hate pot smoking with a passion? She must have so few friends. :(
  3. she is one of those christian girls and so are all of her friends, i know for sure she isn't against drinking cause i know she has done that.

  4. LOL true that
  5. Damn, she's pushing you around haha.

    Go outside and smoke somewhere else then.
  6. lol my lil sister is only 8 but is constantly trying to get me in trouble...say I have a dealer come into my house and she is here and sees the transaction..next time we are by my mom she says something like" why was (name) here I saw you give him something and he gave you something" then my mom will be like what you just bought some weed...its fuckin ridiculous
  7. Hmm... Sounds like you got a shitty situation.

    Sucks for you mayne.
  8. I would think jesus would want to party so why do christians have to be so anal about shit? This one christian kid saw that i put "weed" as one of my intrests on facebook, and told his dad who told my dad, and shit was weak
  9. Swap out her tampons with sticks of dynamite.
  10. Damn that sucks big time I hate people like that with a passion.
  11. So shes Christian and she drinks ....

    She sure is a good christian.
  12. she can hear me open the door and it doesn't help that she stays up later than me so i'd have to wait till like 3 just to smoke. the door is in my room but if i open it even to let my cat in/out she hears it and has come in my room to "check" on me. once when she "suspected" me i was actually sleeping and i guess she couldn't see me so she woke my younger brother and asked where i was, he said in my bed and guess what i was.
  13. You should murder her. Then she can't tell anybody.

  14. lol is she a fire crotch?

  15. no but i see where you going lol

  16. ha wasnt sure if anyone would catch that little joke. but then again im pretty baked and maybe it's not as clever as i think it is
  17. Dude, c'mon. Smoke during the day? Are you only allowed to smoke at night or does she hover over you all day?
  18. Some people just suck.

  19. im just talking about at home, and at night is the only time i can at smoke at home cause my mom works at home.
  20. omg it just hit me! blaze like crazy in her room one day while she's not home, then call your mom over and be like, mom it fucking reeks of weed in ere!!

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