my sister being a bitch

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  1. So this all goes back like two years ago when I was 17 it was April 2010 I remember it being a week before spring break so some friends and I crossed the street from school and there's this apartment complex right next to the highschool ( I was still in highschool at the time) so my friends and I would go there once a week and smoke cigarettes during school normally before the last class and I was unfortunate enough once to have one of her friends drive by without me noticing and he told her he saw me smoking and she used it against me for a few months. She would blackmail me with that. A few months after she.found my stash and threated to tell my parents if I didn't cover for her cause she was staying out late and it pissed me off cause she used it against me for like four months and this one day I come home from work and I noticed that my stash had been raided and my sister comes up behind me and apperantly she had smoked most of my weed. Like she only left .5 gram and she stole/ smoked the rest. I didn't mind that even though she took the rest of what I had which was a fresh eighth that I was saving for an occasion. Well after that I was nice enough to smoke her out Nd even give her some of my weed from time to time. Until last year she swore she hated pot and didn't want nothing to do with it so for like most of last year she was a total bitch to me. She would talk shit to me in front of her friends calling me a junkie, a drug addict, while she too smoked pot. And she swears she never smoked it when her friends ask her. If she sees me smoking a bowl she will bitch fo me until she gets tired of it. Or if I have a few drinks which I do once in a blue moon she will bitch at me calling me an addict or a drunk etc... But she thinks she can come home falling down drunk which she has done A fewtimes once she came home at 2 am I was just home alone with my younger bro watching tv and she was totally shitfaced and she just started talking shit and insulting me and my bro my bro and I were just chilling and we were enjoying ur high until she came. Well the next day we talked to her Bout it but instead of saying sorry or admitting she fucked up she just gave us more shit. So much more has happened especially this week and I'm overly fed up with her. My bro and I cant stand her, and she's my SIS and I love her no matter what but my bro and I are fed up any advice?
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    Look her in the eye and tell her to shut the fuck up.

    Find dirt on her and blackmail her, it's best to fight fire with fire.

    Move out.

    Change your spot you hide your weed, if she rats on you claim innocence and make her look like a dumbass.

    Hit her.
  3. I can honestly say, this bitch deserves to be smacked. Whether it's by you or another.. it must be done..:smoking:
  4. [quote name='"BakedLays"']Look her in the eye and...

    Hit her.[/quote]

    this ^^ best way to set someone straight imo
  5. Next time she stumbles in drunk, record her and on YouTube, and link all of your family
  6. tell her you and your brother are tired of her unreasonable cunty-ness. you could both ignore her 100% of the time she sounds pretty immature so that should drive her nuts. hide your shit better and don't let her blackmail you
  7. it seems like you are takinga nice high ground and reacting much more mature than your sis seems, i think you should keep being the cool guy in this situation, there is no other way, if you did the same as her you would be loosing, i think you can learn some patience from her and forgivness which it seems you already have :)
  8. Who is she going to tell? Your parents? She does all the things you do and some, in addition to stealing! Oh I saw him smoking a cigarette.. So the fuck what!? Next time she is with her friends start asking her if she has pot. When she is like "WTF!? I don't do that you junkie" Then you'll say "I smoked with you before and you steal weed from me!".. Just humiliate her, I also like the video tape her while she is drunk idea. Probably the best. You can't let them walk on you or they continue. Ignore, and fight fire with fire.
  9. This.

    Hopefully the results will resemble the following:
    [ame=]Trailer Park Boys - Jim Lahey's Drunk Video - YouTube[/ame]

    But your sister is being incredibly hypocritical. Talk to her as well, and if she can't/refuses to understand or respect your position- cut her off or get her help. As you said she's your sister and you love her, but she's stolen from you- her family, and THAT'S a sign SHE may be an addict. She puts you down to feel better about herself.
  10. If being a cunt is a disease you better vaccinate that bitch.
  11. just ignore her completely dude, she is feeding off you right now. when she sees you smoking a bowl and is like fucking scumbag druggie just be like i know, thanks.
  12. All that needs to be done:
    - Drunk video
    - Backhand
    That is all.
  13. put weed in her room and tell your parents that she has weed

    its fucked up but it will be funny
  14. I think its obvious that your sister wants to have sex with you. No sibling bothers another like that with such consistency and malevolence without it stemming from something more. Something... sexual.

    So um I hate to be the one to play the incest card but I think you're gonna have to fuck your sister bro..
  15. Back hands are legal.
  16. Flip her world upside down.
  17. Get a picture or video of her smokin and drinking so you can show her friends or whoever that she's just as much of a "drug addict" as you. If she takes you down, drag her even farther OP!
  18. Raise your tone with that fucking cunt, and put her in her place. She's projecting how she is (drunk, drug addict, hypocrite) at you!

    If this doesn't work, you should just sock her one. Equal right, equal fight.

  19. well no not an addict she goes to school and all she doesn't drink or smoke often but when she does no one can stand her. She's been like that since we were kids she can drive my parents crazy and even when she is sober which is a lot of the time. Hypocrtitcal is more like her. Cause she swears she has never smoked pot in front of everyone. Like she will be nice to me only if she wants something from me. I don't mind her taking some of my pot from time to time cause my bro and I share our pot all the time sometimes I bum some from his stash and sometimes he bums some from my stash. Ohh Nd about putting me down to make herself feel better, its a 50/50 cause she always got better grades than I did and all our relatives see her as a goodie goodie. So without putting me down she has way more stuff to feel better about herself
  20. Screw with her birth control.

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