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    some guy was talking about a treehouse, reminded me of my shack i smoked in last summer. it was like 7x15, really nice and chill to smoke in.
    built in the wood behind my house.

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  2. Man thats some shit me and my people would make!
  3. The last picture makes it look like a serial killers play place.
    Do you still use it?

    and I would be concerned about bugs and other critters getting in there...
  4. yeah, it was a life saver cuz we always had a place to smoke. man, this was a popular place, there were always people here. idk why theyre not in the pics but people would like leave their bowls n bongs n shit here cuz only liek 10-12 people knew about it and there was always people here.
    made for a great summer.
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    no, it got taken down once my parents busted me, but i might put it back up next year with a better construction.
  6. what do you mean?
    pandas build shacks?
  7. Havent you seen the panda bears in northern minnesota? We're always cooking up these crazy little adventures! :D
  8. never been to minnestota, but you bastards are always tippin over my trashcans out here in themiddleofnowherebutsurroundedbycorn illinois!
  9. You know that's pretty wild. Like me and my buddy... we made these hammock/beds out in this field. Basically we took down my fence and we used the huge poles/wire(netting stuff?) whatever you know what I'm talking about, and we built these tight ass hammock thing in trees. Pretty comfortable to just lay down in and smoke. Plus birds and deer and shit walking all around you when your stoned is some aweosme shit.
  10. that is some ghetto ass shit, son.

    impressive though.

  11. thanks
  12. good stuff my man
  13. No offense, but I would never sit in that thing, lol.
    Hopefully you build a new one and use measuremented wood ;)

  14. thats what i was going for.
    "a mangey piece of shit that your not even sure if it will stand"
    but the thing was actually really strong and safe. we would sit in there in like thunderstorms and smoke
  15. Man, anything we built we would try to build with perfection, if you gonna spend the time on it ya know?
    That tarp would hold up in a thunderstorm?
  16. Heh that's pretty cool, the shack. A friend of mine in high school had an old shack/fort behind his house left from when he was a little kid. It was a bit smaller than yours but we used to use it all the time to smoke in.

  17. aww well at first no, but i threw some rafters up and we were good to go

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