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  1. Here's my setup... The new rasta bong pictured, i picked up from my local headshop. I asked about this one bong and he put a smaller down stem in it and was going to put a big one in for me before i bought it and he broke it! So this other bong was right beside it and he had it priced for 45 and gave it to me for 35 for breaking the piece i wanted.. He gave me a one hitter bowl for it and a larger bowl for free.. It is khaos glass its very heavy and thick glass.. That is my newest piece and the first few bowls i blazed off of it were some white rhino nugs :smoke:

    I also had a vortex and a weedstar messiah but one of my friends mom decided she would confiscate my vortex and i broke my weedstar bong

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  2. also i forgot to add that in my magic box there i have a grav lab chillum, a swirl spoon pipe, a peace sign smoking stone for my roaches, and a pack of zig zags :)
  3. had the same exact bong until my parents found it. Its a nice bong dude!
  4. Nice setup man
  5. i like that bub, the lighting is also a nice touch too lol
  6. i've already been putting alot of good use to that bong lol.. The bub has a diffuser downstem in it my local glass blower made it for me it hits like a champ but its hard to keep clean cuz of the size.. Help me think of a name for the bong and bubbler
  7. my parents know i smoke but they dont know i have pieces in the house and i've been worried they're gonna find my shit too, hope they don't. Mine will prolly be confiscated just like your's was lol

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