My Setup? Is it okay?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Scorpius, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. I got 6 brown cups two seeds each cup. The cups suck water to keep the soil nice and soft. I got a growing light I found at home lol. And part of my room is a sun room is that good?;)
  2. you only want 1 seed per cup ;)
  3. Yeah but I only had 6 cups im gonna plant them out back when it's time... I germinated to easly =[
  4. You still only want 1 plant per cup. if the roots grow and get tangled together, you'd kill a seedling trying to untangle them. im sure you can find a fwe more cups sitting around or go to the store and buy some... their just cups
  5. True..... I guess but my uncle grew two plants next to each other but I still got one more seed to grow so if anythings wrong i can pray for it to be female to grow more seeds so if the 12 others die.
  6. if that 1 seed turns out female you'd still need a male for seeds. Unless you turn it hermi, but then the smoke will suck... I like polinated females better than i like hermi... lol
  7. Hmmmm Well there is one good germinated seed i planted hopefully it's male :yes:
  8. Like busted and goosie said, one seed per cup. The root systems will get tangled and most likely won't make it.

    As for seeds, I'm more of a cloning guy myself and don't bother with seeds. Especially if you are indoor you can always take clones, then you don't have to worry about sexing the plants, you know they will be girls.
  9. How do I clone?.. Can someone (like senior_ganj) pm me how to clone? I would appreciate it!
  10. Okay I took a seed out of one cup just in case cause if anything happens..

    So basically i give light for 12 hours and dark for 12 hours and water if it's dead dry. Ummm anything else, IDC about smell it's in my bed room so yeah. LOL
  11. you only put the plant under 12/12 when you want it to flower. Yours just started and you just want them to get big, so keep them under 18/6 or 24/0. Around 12" or when you get alternating nodes, the plant will be ready to flower, and you can decide to keep it vegging (18/6 or 24/0) or put it into flower so it will produce buds (12/12).
  12. I have no idea whats with the ??/?? thing...
  13. Veggative stage:
    Lights on for 24 hours straight= 24/7 or 24/0
    Lights on for 18 hours off for 6= 18/6

    Flower Stage
    Lights on for 12 hours off for 12 hours= 12/12
  14. Okay light for 24/7 until the sprout...
  15. 24/7 until its bigger than a seedling, then 18/6 until its ready to flower, then switch it to 12/12... at least thats what i do. or you can do 18/6 from seedling until its ready to flower then go to 12/12
  16. I think it would be much easier if you just read an entire guide on how to properly grow, and figured out your plan of action before even starting.

    If your serious about growing you should take the hour or so and read the entire document, it will pay off in the end. Good luck :wave:
  17. Ill read it but I did what my uncle did his turned out fine :)

  18. There is no need to put light on the dirt before it has broken through the soil only after. Yes, definitely read that grow guide that shrek gave you no matter what.
  19. Yeah I read it my mom said we'll see she use to grow when she was a hippie i guess lol

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