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  1. ok.. this is what i got going so far... tried to keep it cheap but need to change a few things and will be building something better later...

    25 gallon clear plastic container from the container store- 18.00
    2 black spray paint- 9.00
    2 metalic silver spray paint- 10.00
    2 lamp light sockets- 4.00
    5 feet lamp wire- 3.00
    1 pre-finished male lamp plug- 4.00
    1 9'' clamp light- 10.00
    2 26 watt warm CFL (wrong temp i know)- 20.00
    1 45 watt warm CFL (wrong temp again I know)- 20.00
    glue gun- 2.00
    4'' radioshack 12v fan and transformer- 30.00

    total cost-130.00

    so i put all this together as you can kinda see in the pictures... sorry wyayyyy to baked to explain how i put it together, but then i was bakewed when i did it so... haha

    anyway.... i put 24 seeds into a jar of luke warm tap water 5 days ago and left them in the window. after a day i took the seeds that had sunk and put them into a wet paper towel in a tupperware container with the lid half on. I then put this into my box for a day and a half and when the tap roots where out i used a jiffy-7 greenhouse thing (disposable cheap ones with moss pellets you soak and the expand) with large holes poked in the pellets and gently put the seeds in. I then left these in the box for about 2 1/2 days and this morning replanted into 4'' jiffy growthrough felt pots with a potting soil called hyponex, the guy at the hardware store suggested it and he knew i was growing tomatoes... haha... so this morning i put them into these pots and watered them but i also fertalized which i think i screwed up on huh? i shouldnt have done that yet i dont think... but i was thinking it would help get everything established... but i dunno.... hmmm.... so the pictures are the babys after aboout 5 days... what do you all think? im very much in need of help i think! stealth and space are important for me but im also open to design suggestions!


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  2. more

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  3. Looks good.
    Yes, you should NOT have fertilized. You won't need to fertilize for at least three weeks after poking through the soil. Hopefully they don't get damaged and hopefully that soil you got there does not have any time release fertilizer or any added fertilizer in it for that matter. A soil flush might not be a bad idea. To flush the soil you just double or triple the amount of water as compared to the size of pot. Example: One gallon pot calls for 2-3 gallons of fresh water for a flush. Anyway, welcome to grass city and good luck with the grow.
  4. One problem is you cant realy move your lights around since they are fixed in place and being floresents you want them close since they dont get too hot and you obviously get more light out of them if theyre closer. Also I think white paint is better than silver, but I could be mistaken.
  5. ive got them bout 4-5 inches from the plant... is that gonna be ok or should i get them closer? also should i try to switch out to cool cfls or is warm ok for now? i think i either gott them backwards or warm is not a good chouce... i went to a electrical shop today and its bout 200$ for A 250watt setup... is t gonna be worth it?
    especially since im movong within the next 4-5 months?


  6. Hey man. I think the lights should be a little closer like 3 inches or so. Keep a close eye on them because they will be growing fast. Cool CFL's I think are better for veg if you can get them I would. You can mix the cools with the warms; the more the merrier. I think $200 sounds a little high for the 250 watt. Try I think you can get a better deal there.
  7. im wayyyyy to sketched out to order online from a place like that... if anything ill order lights from an aquarium supply company... i used to be reallly into growing planted tanks... im kicking myself for selling the 800 watt HPS hood i used to have... it was sooooo sick... and it was enclosed in glass and stayed like 85-88 degrees.... oh well built one once i can do it again... blah,,, too much money though!!! haha...
    anywwways i got a few more questions and pictures... the 2 smallest plants (from the bad germination, these where the 2 of 24 that actually sprouted when only planted tsraight into jiffy pellets... but anyway they seem to be dying, these are also the only 2 that i did not fertalize... the ones that i did fertalize i flushed with about 2 cups of water each and 3/4 seem to be doing pretty well... one started to turn overnight but this morning i spun the pot around so i think that it will try to grow towards the light again... as long as i get 1 that is really healthy and a female i will be happy... i know my chances arnt great but anyhting you all can think of that would help would be great... thanks guys!!!

    oh yeah currently the plants are still in the 4'' jiffy pots with the hyponex soil... i think that when im not working ill try to pick up sime different soil and pots... what would you all suggest? Im trying to keep the whole plant in this box throughout the grow and plan on putting up wire mesh for a scrog type grow, im going to try and train the branches to stay low and spread out wide instead of growing straight up... what do you guys think?

    thanks again for all your help!!


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  8. oops only one of the 5 pictures was small enough... im heading into work now but when i get off and get home ill rtake soome smaller ones and post them... the biggest of the plants in the picture has a second set of true leaves forming as do the other 3 healthy ones however not nearly as large... thanks,

  9. I think next time you should get some 8 inch pots made of clay or plastic. Those peat pots are not great. Yeah and pick up some good organic potting soil. I say organic because that should guarantee no nutes (I say should because I thought someone said they bought organic Miricle Grow that actually had a small amount of nutes in it). Also, I have personally bought some non-organic Shultz or Scotts or one of those name brands, and they eventually grew bugs. Here is a list of flouros that are good in order of how good they are; best listed first. These are single tubes flouros:

    Warm White and Cool White (any Home Depot)
    Vita-Lite (Duro Test Corp.)
    Natur-escent (Duro-test Corp)
    White (many manufacturers)
    Agro-Lite (westinghouse)
    W/S Gro-Lux (Sylvania)
    Plant-Gro (general Electric)

    Usually lights for an aquarium or for an Iguana give off a LOT of heat and are not great for growing pot. Even the so called "Grow Lights" as you see from above list (Plant-Gro), are the least favorable lights to
  10. by aqaurium lighting i meant the lighting used for planted aquariums not decorative... when i had my planted aquarium i was using lighting that was exactly the same as what is needed for growing bud... hps/mh with high outputs and to get rid of as much heat as possible, not heat the water.. i agree that reptile (learned this from setting up buddy's home (my anole) haha) lights produce wayyyyyy to much heat... his is 105 in the spotlight... which for a lizard is good... but its a shitty spectrum and wayyyyyy to hot...

    anyways... i got home from work... an 11 hour shift on my feet dealing with people... NOT BAKED... it sucksssss but i do work a lot faster sober... just dont deal with my tables quite as well haha... gotta be baked to deal with peoples STUPID food requests... can i get a steak well done, take off the spices... no mashed potatoes... can i get french fries instead? no sir we dont serve any fried food here... well then can i get a free appetizer? no sir you are a fucking CHEAP ASSHOLE!!! oops... should have been stoned and i might not have said that!!1 another reason weed should be legal.... bitchy snobby rich spoiled assholes will be taken care of!!! oh wait, isnt that the same people who made weed illegal? sucks for them they shot themselves in the foot! nyways... super baked now and had a few drinks after work so.... i think its time for a shower and then i will take some pictures of my babies... they grew SOOOO much todya!!! and one of the 2 that was dying or looked bad is back to normal and i think grew... i did water this morning... hmmm.... ill post pics soon....

  11. the updated pics.. this is after about 6 oz water in each plant... the soil is looking really dry again.... its only been about 16 hours since the last water but i think that the shitty pots might be helping to dry out the soil... if anyone can give me a quick answer as to wether or not i should water again would be really helfpful... what do you guys think? how do they look? what should i change other than the pots or soil? i can go tommoroow if you think i should before work and buy some pots, 2 more 26 watt warm cfls and some better soil... guess i should find out the soil details first huh?

    also... do you think its better to add 2 warm cfls's if i can find a home depot or should i add 2 more of the soft white 26w cfls?

    again, thanks in advance,

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  12. and the rest i took..

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  13. ok and a completley unrelated picture/question... what do you think of my new tat? got my friend to finish it tues.. so this is about 2 1/2 3 days of hgealing...

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  14. You definitely shouldn't need to water every 16 hours, unless you are on a very special watering schedule based on lots of experience, which by your question you obviously aren't. You cannot tell from the look of the top of the soil if all the soil is dried out. A few possible methods:

    - Get a moisture probe, available for a few bucks at Home Depot, Lowe's, any gardening shop.

    - Stick you finger in a hole the bottom of the pot and into the soil up the first knuckle if you can to feel if the soil is moist on the inside.

    - Lift the pots before you water them to feel how heavy they are. Then lift them after watering to feel how heavy they are when well watered. Don't water again until the pots feel light again.

    - Sometimes you can wait until your plants tell you they are thirsty, they will start to look a little droopy. Not a great method since they could be drooping for other reasons, and you don't want to dry them out too much.

    - Generally small plants in small pots will need watering every 2nd or 3rd day, but that's a broad average and doesn't necessarily apply in any specific situation.
  15. thanks toasty... i def am a newbi at this!!! hah thats why im here! i def am gonna get one of those cheap meters just to maybe lessen the stress on my plants... i also am picking up some more 45 cool CFLS... prolly 2 more and am just going to add them to what i already have... i also think i am going to get 4 biger pots... i guess the 8 inch and then get rid of the 2 smallest plants i have and then see how these all do... or do you think it is going to be more stressful replanting them now?


    oh yeah... i will post another picture of the big one... since ive been at work 2 more sets of leaves have started!!! they may be small but they are def there!!! im stoked!!! thanks guys and i guess luck has been with me since im still learnign alot!!!
  16. I got a 150w HPS light on Ebay for $40. That might be a good option for you. Thats about the right size for you and you can use HPS for every stage of growing if you have to...
  17. ok def gonna take pics in the morning... but i got a uestion... i got 3 7 inch clay pots today is it possible to repot or is it too soon?

  18. ok well i got around to posting all the new pics so here they are. the first 2 are from yesterday morning before i went to work. the rest are from when i got home. I am assuming this is from dry soil? I lifted the pots and they felt light, the soil felt dry and there is almost no humidity. Is this going to damage the plants or is this what they should look like when i water? ThANKS


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  19. It looks like they're wilting, but they might just be weighed down from water on the leaves... but I think a few of them are wilting. They seem to be shriveling up.
  20. water those babies lol keep like a glass of water sittin in there too or something just to keep some h2o floating around :p idk im guessing haha but umm yea water and watch heat

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