my seeds have white on them help

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by up in smoke, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. hey my seeds have been germinating for about 5 days now and i noticed some of them have small white hairs in spots. i have them in a tupper whear container with damp paper towels in my closet. do u know what this is?
  2. im pretty sure thats a sign that the root tip will be coming out soon
  3. im exited o man i cant waite tell i have little plants i will try to post some pics
  4. uhh no it usually just one root, not hairs. the root normally looks more like a fecal worm to be blunt (some cats have em) if you have kept them for that long and havent opened the container for a couple days/ its too damp/warm then it could be mould....unfortunatley. pics would be good. keep us posted!
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  5. maybe it's just the hairs from the paper towels sticking to it.
  6. ^^^^^^ Maybe... that sounds possible
  7. dude that why u germinate them
  8. then i tried to germinate seeds for the first time i fucked it up (to damp to warm) and they strated to develope mould, it looked like small pathes of white this may be wats happenin to u.

    in my experience 5 days is a long time for germination
  9. yup its the beginning of mold. there still may be a chance to save them by adding a DROP of blech to the paper towel off to the side (as in not directly on your seed). That will kill the bacteria and mold.

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