My Seedlings Were Decapitated :(

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by maxitwist, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. I had them outside. they were just sprouts. 3 of them. I had them covered with chicken wire to keep birds and rabbits out, and slug pellets around the pots for slugs, but when i went up today after 2 days of leaving them alone while the rains were here, and all 3 were just stumps, their green fleshy heads lying in the dirt.
    I noticed a large amount of slime/gloop in the corner of one of the pots, and a flying insect crawling on one of the pots, but the plants were not eaten, they were just decapitated.

    What do i do now? Im just after getting all the materials i needed to the location.. Thanks mother nature for ruining my €60 investment.. i could have used that money. . So now if i buy new seeds, how do i stop this from happening again and sinking more of my money into nothing?

    also, i dont think it was the wind, the area was quite sheltered and winds were not that high

  2. Buy new seeds and start them inside
  3. i agree. wait until they are all 7-8 inches tall to take them outside that way if mother nature throws a bunch of shit their way they can handle it.

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