my season is over i beleive...

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by budblower10, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. well fellas, my season has pretty much come to an end i think. it rained extremely hard last night unexpectedly and i was at work so i couldnt cover them or anything, so when i went back today most of them were either just knocked over, broken at the stem or just looking terrible. o well, they were a month old almost and hardly had 2 sets of leaves, lil f*uC*ers. this lil project is my first grow and has cost me a bit of $, and now i am almost positive i wont get any return. i got like 3 plants still growing strong but for some reason they are growing well with a few sets of leaves, so i guess their roots could support the rain. i put straws on the weak ones (or dead) but i dont think thats gonna help. but o well, i guess theres next year, but thats a long time away. i just thought i'd let yall know, if no1 cares then thats cool. hope yall season is going good.
  2. Sorry for your sad loss. :(
  3. must've been strong rain, marijuana can withstand alot from what i've seen, too bad.
  4. sorry to hear.

    i know how much it sucks to think of the bud you will have as your buying things and getting everything ready, and then something happens and they die.

    try to get some more seeds, you can still start now, they just won't be as big.
  5. sry bout ur loss
    but since u spent the $ u prob have sum materials rite?
    so u wont have to spend as much next time
  6. unlucky betta luck next time :) am startin my first grow soon :smoking: ope it goes well
  7. hmm I've seen tiny seedlings pounded by heavy rain and still weren't damaged. oh well. sorry for your loss. why not try to get some bag seed sprouts going? ask some friends or other people you know that smoke for unwanted seeds. I'm sure you could start up a few. and that way you won't have to waste anymore money.
  8. hey fellas thanks for the support, it actually means alot even though i dont know u guys, it helps. i might try to help a few that are still living, and i might plant a few more. has any1 ever planted in june? lol
  9. I have im in Texas so i can go in mid Aug and still get a good harvest
  10. Dang, you must have had some really strong storms or planted in a bad area. I just planted a few little seedlings a few days ago and today it rained all day. There were puddles in the fields everywhere, but when I got to my seedlings the one inch babies were standing proudly.

    Where'd you plant them? Was the area easily flooded, or was it just one of those freakishly strong storms that would have killed anything anywhere?

    Don't count the snapped stem plants out for the count just yet. I had an indoor grow last October where one of the plants stems snapped in half, but the plant still fully recovered. Weed is one strong plant.

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