My scary story

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  1. Ok so me and 3 friends are at our buddies house and we were chillin in his bathroom getting high. We vaped 4 grams of reggie and one gram on some ak 47. We stayed in there for a few hours when our friend who i will call Beef starts getting all shakey and pale then he suddenly hits the floor. He woke up about 30 seconds later and didnt even know where he was. It was some scary shit lol. He thought it was super hot but it really wasnt. So have you guys ever heard of someone getting so high they pass out?
  2. he was probably dehydrated.
  3. Ya but when they have a really low tolerance.
  4. So dude got high? Awesome your weed is functioning.
  5. Yeah, either low tolerance, dehydrated or sometimes if they haven't eaten at all that day.

    Does Beef often smoke? Make sure he or your other friends at least eat or drink during the day (or at least 20 mins before). Cereal is always good.
  6. He might just have a low tolerance
  7. Well he's smoked way more than that before and he smokes pretty often but I just remembered that he was telling us he felt very hot and he was sweating but it wasn't even cold.
  8. low blood sugar.
    and dehydrated like other people have mentioned.

  9. that makes much sense, he was hot and sweating but it wasnt cold...i see

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