My saturday Night! (Pics inside)

Discussion in 'General' started by NealCaffery, May 28, 2006.

  1. Yoo..Iight, its Saturday May 26, UFC 60 is on, Gracie vs. Hughes for the main event...
    Im home alone, my dad just bought a 42" LCD projection tv..So i rented UFC 60..

    I finally got a camera, so i got some pics of what my nights gonna be lookin like ;)
    First of all, My pieces:
    And now my Personal Plate of Nachos:
    And now, some crappy pictures of the bud..again, sorry for the pics of bud:
    And me gettin blazed:
    Whats your plans for the night?:hello:
  2. Nice peices, I like the one in the first pic on the left, And the small snake like one is badass, Never seen a peice like that.

    +Rep for the pics.

    I would take pics because i got a digi right now but the battersy are dead.
  3. I tried to get a UFC 60 party together to cover my expenses.

    Not enough interested people.

    Oh well. i'm sure the torrent will be online tommorow morning.
  4. I cant wait, its starting now,

    The tall glass pipe (with tape) was dropped the 2nd night i got it, i passed it to my dad and he dropped it :(..but he paid for the long Geiser
  5. What the fuck?

    I sent an email out 6 hours ago telling people it was cancelled due to lack of interest.

    I just get a knock on my door and three of my buddies with a 24 were ready to go. Didn't check their emails apparently.

    I haven't showered today, i haven't shaved and i'm all pie-eyed and stoned. I'm not in any condition to go out partying because them guys fucked up.

    I feel kind of bad but i told them to fuck off... not my fault they didn't check their email.
  6. i like the snake repppp++

    EDIT: dont brake it
  7. heh.. one of em looks like a sperm....hehe:smoking:
  8. Lmao!

    Matt Hughes SMOKED Gracie..:D
  9. I'm sorry but I think I came out better tonight. So first off I met up with a good buddy of mine that I hadn't talked to in about a year and we hung out for a while then I was waiting for my contact to meet me where I was and he was taking forever and then my ex who I wasn't real happy with came up and we started talking and made up for the fight we were in. Then she got her friend to drop me off at my house and we were just talking for a minute and we started to reminisce and started making out. Then we went inside and did our thing which broke my 5 month dry spell. So I was in a GREAT mood afterwards just cuz I still love her and I got laid. Then she left and my guy called me and said he had a gram of dro for me. $20 for a gram....not too bed but I was a bit skepical. Then I got home and smoke the tiniest 3 small hits in total. It came on slow but I am extremely high right now. Ok that was my night
  10. shit. I'm out 50 beans.
  11. I used to own the same exact Snake bowl you own, only in different colors
  12. LOL!, you bet on Gracie to win?! BAD idea :(
  13. He's beaten bigger guys that hughes.

    I was optimistic, what can I say?
  14. Lmao, that was his first fight in the UFC ring since 1995, Hughes is a fuckin BEAST lol..I wish he woulda ground n pound Gracie more though haha..There was this other fight, Some dude was on the ground and the other dude did a flying knee right to his jaw, dude was KNOCKED out haha...

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