My salad bowl mad scientist experiment

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by incrededibles, Nov 6, 2018.

  1. So a few months ago I had the idea save a nug from every new strain i purchased, grind them altogether and make the ultimate salad bowl. This is what I got:

    Flo og
    Walker kush
    Master kush
    Bruce banner
    Gg4(aka the best strain)
    Black triangle kush
    Golden Lemon #6
    Arcata trainwreck
    Lee Roy
    Buddha’s sister

    Coulda done better coulda done worse.


    This is them mixed together. If I had to describe the smell I would say ‘extravagant’. Now personally I expect to feel many things from this, but I know there are the naysayers that claim this was a huge waste of time. To them I say... ehhh maybe but I wanted to do this shit anyway.

    Ever make a salad bowl?

    I’ll be back soon to describe exactly what I’m feeling.
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  2. Those r heavy strains hope ya got groceries n the house. I prob smoke that zone out for a bit get a blow job raid the fridge n crash.
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  3. I’m feeling real calm, low key joyous. I feel as light as a feather. I have the urge to watch comedy shows and nom on this chicken Parm. It’s kinda like I smoked the ultimate hybrid. Idk weather I want to sink into this futon or be creative.

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  4. I’d be into all of that and more
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  5. I was expecting more science. Nice though
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  6. What do you think would happen if we froze kief in liquid nitrogen then threw it straight into a vape?
  7. I've been doing something similar, from a completely different angle. I save the vaped weed, and after I have a couple ounces worth, grind it to a powder, mix with olive oil and infuse for a Lyft de-carb cycle. Then the goop, about the consistency of molasses, gets pressed out through a filter, producing a potent concentrate. It's kind of a weird, heavy high, and I'm not sure about the dosage because I cannot imagine any way to know exactly what it is, without sending it to a lab.
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  8. This sounds so cool! Any pics?
  9. Coincidentally, I'm just about to start another batch, so I'll post a few pics later today...
  10. I need a j tattoo

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