My roommate ate my cheesy breadsticks

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  1. So I went to dominoes and bought a small pizza and delicious cheesy breadsticks. I ate the pizza and put the cheesy breadsticks in the fridge for later consumption. The next day upon returning to my dorm, I open the fridge and bam, no cheesy breadsticks, To my roommate, "What happened to my cheesy breadsticks?", his reply "I was half sleeping and someone came in who i thought was you and went into the fridge, he must have taken them." So my buddy and I look around in our friends' dorms for the empty box but it was nowhere to be found. We notice that my roommates trash had been freshly taken out, a clue. We take down my trash and we locate his trash and see the cheesy breadstick box, empty. What should I do?
  2. sue that clown
  3. Tell him straight up I caught you lying, you ate my breedsticks. And then make him pay for your food or go to your RA.
  4. Get creative. The possibilities are endless.
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  5. Show him the box and bitch slap him with it and call him a bitch :smoke:
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  6. put the trash bag in his bed he'll get the picture
  7. and there are alot more reasons why ill NEVER have a room mate. fuck that and fuck dorms. off campus all day.
  8. I just got a roomate and he's clean and respectable.

    Call him out on it and talk to your RA, liars and thieves are not tolerated where I am from.

    Take the box and put it on his bed. Pull the same move on him and see how he likes it.

    Kid sounds like a douche.
  9. Im glad my roommates are good.

    I remember one time a work my buddy put a whole medium pizza in the fridge to eat during break (and probably share a slice or two with yours truly) but some idiot came in and stole his pizza.

    Seriously, who steals pizza?
  10. I know if i was quite high on a campus I was just visiting I might consider it if iwas drunk and absolutely stoned out of my mind. It seems like EVERYBODY smokes now, likeEVERYBODY. im only 19 but when i was in high school 2 years ago it was getting to that point that everybody smokes and everybody trys to deal, now EVERYBODY smokes its almost KIND OF annoying
  11. Tell him hes a fat douchebag and then get over it. end of story.
  12. dump all the garbage on his bed with the bread stick box on top.
  13. make up an elaborate scheme to frame him. he'll be taken away and then your living space doubles in size.
  14. Cover his dorm floor in styrofoam cups filled with assorted colors of paint seperated by about 3 inches each. He'll have to pick up nearly 100 cups of paint(or water/tuna water/bleach/piss/lube/oil/ etc), or spill it all over his dorm floor.
  15. 1. get box
    2. cut hole in box
    3. put dick in box
    4. present to roommate
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  16. Buy the pizza and breadsticks again, eat the pizza again... make sweet love to the breadsticks, then place in fridge to bait the thief again.

    Make sure to tell all of your friends so they dont eat your breadsticks ;)
  17. Watch this interview with Kool Keith, He will teach you how to keep your roommates from eating or drinking your stuff
    [ame=]YouTube - Kool Keith - 98 Year Old Refrigerator[/ame]
  18. That's uncool. I like the box in the bed idea... Bet you won't!
  19. Just steal his delicious food later.
  20. murder him then send the body to dominoes and tell them to make bread sticks out of him...then eat the bread sticks :devious:

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