my room is too hot!

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  1. Ok using my closet to hide my rubbermaid stealth grow. My closet gets a little warm I guess and with the setup in the closet under 6 27w 6500 cfls and using a 78cfm 120mm fan its sitting at 93 in there right now. How can I get these temps down? Really want to start but need temp to be much lower ive read. The ventelation is working well, sticking a lighter up to the bottom hole really sucks the flame in and the 120m fan is on the opposite side and near the top just like I read its supposed to be. I dont know what to do here.
  2. I couldn't cool 10 26w cfl with two 133cfm 120mm pc fans had to cut down to 3, and temps are at 86 degrees.
  3. yeah but going by what ive read, i dont have enough lights already. this sucks.
  4. I never had a problem with CFLs in my closet. I used one 120mm fan as an exhaust and a passive intake. Is your room at the top of the house? If so, maybe it's just because the last couple days have been hot?

  5. no but the wall to my closet and my room get a lot of direct sunlight.
  6. wait till winter then fire it up again :rolleyes:

  7. no way i already have this thing going and cant stop now!
  8. i have the same problem right now i have 2 plants in my closet with poor ventilation cause i havent finished the box yet. the highest temp i hit was around 92 lowest temp so far is 80 or 81 and i was using 5 27watt daylight now down to 4 to try and cut the heat im not sure whats worse less light or more heat... im leanin to the more heat but idk
  9. ive had the same problem for months now and i would suggest to deal with the temps as best you can. add more ventilation, move things around, black out your window. the heat will not kill your plants, just slow them down. when i got home from work today my closet was 92 with a high of 94 and my plants are over 1ft and healthy as shit. hope this helps
  10. I had the same problem with my cab. I was seeing an average of 92 durring the day. I tried adding 2 120MM 44CFM fans for intake and updating my exhaust to a 120MM 112CFM fan. This helped a little, but the only way I could keep temps below 90 was to put a 12 inch fan in the doorway to my walk in closet. Finally, I pulled the cabinet out of my closet and put in my bedroom with some light traps. Now temps stay around 82 - 84 degrees. Hope this helps. [​IMG][/IMG]

  11. cool thanks guys! repost that pic bro!
  12. Is your cab in a closet?

    the biggest thing I did when trying to reduse temps was put a couple of 120mm PC fans in the ceiling exhausting the closet into the attic. This in turn began sucking cool air under my closet door and cooled the closet by 10 degrees all most instantly. Check my journal its all on there.

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