my rep bar is full, celebration bong rip, who wants to join

Discussion in 'General' started by kbubb91, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. :smoke: im hiting the bong right now in celebration to me getting full rep. thanks to those who gave me rep and likes.:smoke::hippie::smoking:
  2. i realized mine was full too the other day. its been full for a few weeks now i just didnt know that this was the max limit! im vaping some ak in my volcano :)
  3. I will celebrate by rolling and smoking a marijuana cigarette!
  4. Hahaha... :D
  5. I take rips everytime someone reps me....which is sorta never ahahha.
  6. :'(

    Anyways, congrats to you!
  7. Still working on my bar...
  8. Oh yeah! It worked again!!

  9. Mah dick just grew one bar.
  10. weee! hash in the bowl!
  11. So i'm feelin kinda high thanks to the blades who gave me rep. :smoke:
  12. Your dick is now at the perfect size to stick it in the pussy.

    A fully erect dick is not suitable for penetrating the pussy because it's just too big.

    Slightly less than a fully erect dick is better suited.

    But once it's in, the dick should grow to its full size, and when it reaches the moment of ejaculation, it will be at its largest, even to a point where it's considered 'over-sized'.

    Then after the ejaculation, its size rapidly shrinks, making it quite easy to be removed from the pussy.
  13. Very cool!
  14. Lucky fuck. Grats though, that's quite an accomplishment.
  15. Although your e-penis may be at full attention, you do not yet have full knowledge of its usage.
    There are 21 levels of rep, only 11 are visible :p
  16. What is rep?
  17. I feel like my rep grows at the most unexpected times. Cheers to you going full bar! Must feel great with that thing in your pants hehe
  18. This is just a huge "give me rep" fuckfest.
  19. "Rep" is another word for "Dick" or "Cock" or "Penis".

    My rep grew. = My dick grew.

    My rep hurts. = My cock hurts.

    My rep is huge. = My penis is huge.
  20. lol hey ladies and gentleblades did I mention I love you all? <33

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