My recycled grow room

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by stoneFaced, Dec 10, 2014.

  1. Dunno if this is the right section or not. But wanted to talk about my room setup. Its nothing fancy.
      For the light, I just converted an old 400W overhead light into a separate bulb and ballast. I just added a cord is all. Then I used a metal electrical junction box to mount the socket too. That is attached to a section of ducting that is a makeshift reflector for now.
    You can find these lights for free/cheap everywhere. I am just using a $30 bulb from the hardware store, WORKS GREAT.
    Around the hood is reflective windshield covers from the dollar store. They hold the heat in (cold drafty attic/storage room) and keep the light in. I dont have to worry about darkness, the room is blocked off well enough to just shut the door.
    I have a cheap temp monitor thats wireless and a fan that was laying around.
    Everything I use I try to find something I have already or something I would just throw out. For early stages of life I am using soda bottles for pots and milk jug bottoms for drain trays.

  2. Pics of the light would be nice
    re using junk is a great idea, so long as you don't kill yourself or others
    Its just a 400W so I am not running crazy power or heat levels.

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