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Discussion in 'General' started by WeedCrawler, Mar 14, 2004.

  1. I'm begining to really hate my job. I work in a group home for mentally and physically disabled people.....and i think they are great.

    It's the staff that Sucks!

    I work with a bunch of back stabbing people....and it doesn't look like it's going to get any better. I mean honestly, some of this stuff is almost like being thrown back into junior and senior highschool again.

    I'd quit if i didn't need the money so badly.

    My dilema is this: Do i want to give up helping the individuals*something i love doing* simply to get away from people i don't like?

    Or do i stay and put up with being lied to, lied on, and getting pulled in the middle of their bullshit?

    I mean, the simple fact is you get this no matter where you go...eventually. However, i've never seen managment put up with it to this extent anywhere else either.

    Any thoughts?
  2. simpley dont get involved. if you dont like anyone there dont try to make freinds stay netural and just go to work to work and then you can go home and be with your friends.
  3. easier said than done....but i understand your point. I guess I'll give it a go before i go postal and take um all*joke*

  4. Yep... Don't play their games, just do your job. What exactly do they do?
  5. My friend works at a camp for mentally(maybe physically) handicapped people. He loves it. Maybe you should try to get a job a camp like him.

  6. I've heard them talking about how they sabotaged meds to look like someone else screwed them up...but after the fact...and even then, i couldn't say anything because it would be my word against theirs...and they have been there MUCH longer.

    I've seen them sic parents of the clients on some of the staff to get them fired.

    I found out they were lying about some stuff on me....

    all of this i found out too see..they are pros. We need some tape recorders so the office can hear this shit for themselves.

  7. I was thinking about that.but would it be a seasonal thing?
    I've got to have a job all year round....
  8. The latest update to Drama central is that one of my clients landed in the Hospital today for some very scary symptoms.
    Uncontroalable shaking that wasn't a seizure, Sevear swelling over most of his body, Loss of control for his bodily functions, and he had two seizures after he was at the hospital due to extreme emotional stress...*he was scared shitless*.

    So..of course..i had to sit with him for 14.5 hours..and listen to his mother complain about this and that staff who did one thing or another that she didn't like. She was fishing for information..and this woman has a lot of power within our agency and no one knows why. If she doesn't like you, you get fired or you get transfered. Simple as that.

    lol..that was my day
  9. Wow, thats pretty sucky. I'm sorry to hear that this is going on. How old are these people? 12? Well the best advice I could give is shop around find out what else is available for your field of work. I'm more than possitive there is something better out there. Just dont let anyone know your looking keep that job and "just go there to work" untill you can find something better. Well I hope I helped.. GOOD LUCK! And hey I'll complain about jobs with you till we're both blue in the face. Sometimes it just feels better to vent. =D
  10. Time to find a new job homie
  11. Sorry I couldn't get in to reply sooner, but for some reason the site was popping us as Not found.

    I'm constantly on the lookout for a diff.'s a small town and there isn't much here that pays worth a damn. I may even have to convince my BF to move out of state with

    I've been lucky when it comes to doing things i like to do and getting paid for it. Archaeology...that was some awesome shit to do..and now this...

    It's too bad my body won't let me do archaeology anymore....cuz i'd go back to it in a heartbeat........and make prevailing wage..*smile*.

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