My PVC Sploof - need C&C for version 2!

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  1. So the other day I came up with a rough prototype for a sploof. It's roughly 1ft long and made out of a PVC pipe.

    I should have taken pictures of the whole process, but I only have the final product. I'll try to explain what I did.

    Materials (with rough estimation for cost - all bought at home depot except for activated carbon/bounce):
    PVC pipe $6
    PVC end cap $3
    PVC Cement (not needed, any glue would do really) $10
    Small sheet of plexiglass $5
    Activated carbon $7
    Bounce sheets

    Step 1 (preps): I Cut my PVC pipe down to length, then got a sheet of plexiglass and used a hole saw bit on a drillpress (you can use a drill too, drillpress is just easier) to get a circle plexiglass shape that fits inside the PVC. I made 4 circles then clamped them together and drilled ~6 holes with a very small drill bit. Get your endcap and drill 4 big holes in it.

    Step 2: pick which end you're going to blow into. Lower one plexiglass circle 3 inches down and then hot glue it into place. Get your next pelxiglass circle and put it 1 inch down and hot glue it into place. You know have your first chamber!

    Step 3: goto the other side and stuff your bounch sheets into the middle. They don't have to be packed too well. Do this until you're about 2 inches from the end.

    Step 4: Put another piece of plexiglass into the pipe and rest it on top of the bounce sheets. Glue it into place. Get your next plexiglass circle and glue it into place flush with the end of the pipe itself.

    Step 5: Get your endcap and cut out a circle from a bounce sheet roughly the same size as the inner circle of the endcap. Glue the bounce sheet to the inside. You're endcap will now breathe out bounce air if you exhale through it.

    Step 6: Get your PVC cement and paint it on the inside walls of the endcap. Place the endcap on the end where the plexiglass is flush with the pipe. Let it dry for a bit.

    Step 7: Almost done! Take a drill with a decent sized bit and drill hole through the pipe into your chambers. Then funnel in your activated carbon to the top. You can use whatever you want to block the hole, I'm just using black hockey tape.

    You're done! It works like a charm, cigarettes and weed are no match for this baby. The only problem I'm having with her is that although it smells like fresh bounce air, there is smoke coming out. It's nice smelling smoke, but is there any way to eliminate this?

    What ways could I improve my design? Do I need the bounce sheets in the middle? I want to hear from everyone! Here's some pictures:
    Endcap piece side:
    Exhale side:
    Side view:
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    the glue is really not needed for the caps to be honest.. they usually sit pretty firmly on the end of the pvc...

    i'd also use these end caps instead...(they stay on pretty firmly without glue)

    Drill one large hole on the cap you blow into.. and multiple tiny holes like you did for the other side..
  3. I just had some cement laying around already, so I used it. That is the same cap i'm using, mine is just a little longer I believe.

    There is no cap that you blow into, you just put your mouth inside the pipe. Should I go find a fitting that can be used as a nice mouthpiece sort of thing?

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