my profile pic makes me have hallucinations???

Discussion in 'General' started by green4bud, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. Do you hallucinate?

    Do uou have any hallucinagenic images to attach or link?:smoking:
  2. thats an illusion. youl know when your trippin.
  3. dude youre avatar is my fucking background. has been for a year.
  4. Yeah, pretty old i had a sig like that for the longest time..Get wit the times dudde.

  5. whoa dude??? is that smoke in your avatar or is that the cover of a raunchy adult flick?
  6. LMFAO:smoking: BUKKAKE!!!
  7. Rofl!!1 :p
  8. link to a high res version?
  9. lololololol:hello:

  10. Yesplz
  11. Also yes plz. I need a new BG
  12. when that little design on your avatar leaves that box, then you are hallucinating.

  13. oh !!!! wow
  14. can you link to a big pic of your av
  15. hahahha:D

  16. before I go to the trouble of registering whats up with that site buddy

  17. What??? you dont need to register?
  18. optical illusion is more correct

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