My probation officer just popped in...

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    Instead of having to meet with her on the 25th I now have to meet with her on Wednesday. This sucks balls. I just smoked three times last week, I've taken 20mgs of vicodin about two hours ago and I took some klonopins like 2 days ago. What to do, what to DO!! :eek:
  2. I'm so fucked.
  3. Yea, wish I had advice but it sure sounds like it. The whole point of probation is to take it easy, not that you didnt already know that though.
  4. get a whizzinator
  5. I don't have the money to get one. It's really hard finding a job with charges. I didn't exactly get myself the charges but I do take responsibility for hanging out with someone I knew was trouble to begin with. I guess this is the price I pay...
  6. Dude.... theres no way you will pass that shit.
    They randomize it on purpose... whats wrong with staying clean for the amount of time

    Soberity > Prison and a fucked up asshole.
  7. so you can buy weed and vicodin but not a security blanket for situations like this?
  8. I'm thinking about a dilusion plus b-12 supplement. I think that is my only hope and just pray they don't test pH or creatine levels...:(
  9. I didn't pay for either.
  10. But you accepted it. Which accepts the consequences.
  11. Absolute Detox XXL in your situation prob a 50% chance it will work, but i don't think you have any options...
  12. It's only my second meeting with my PO and I don't know for a FACT that I will be drug tested, however, it will only be my second test if she does indeed test me. I have four days. I have some prescription diuretics also. I'm thinking maybe diuretics on monday, tuesday and wednesday and drink lots of water plus a B-12 supplement. I'm pretty sure that is my safest bet..

    Is it too late to start exercising?
  13. just stick a finger in your ass, because your fucked
  14. Shouldn't have been smoking.
  15. Oh, it's all good though. I'm just gunna tell the PO I smoked and if she doesn't like it she can violate me and I'll take my 240 days.
  16. well then what's the point in asking what you should do, or even trying to flush and beat the test if you're just going to tell her and risk jail?? are you high right now?? take your 240 days, but that's also 239 nights with 'white power bill's' dick in your ass.
  17. I really wasn't asking for advice but more or less pronouncing my oh shit situation. I know the methods used for beating a urinalysis but I just got to think what if it doesn't work? Then she'll know I lied because they ask if you can pass it..

    I might as well just tell her and hope she gives me a chance. Anyways, I wouldn't be transfered to the pen, i'd stay in county but the first person to try and put a dick in my ass gets shanked.
  18. word...get ahold of a whizzinator

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