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    Well i obtained 500 Persian Blue Poppy seeds from Bouncing Bear Botanical,

    I am starting them under fluorescents in my grow room, I started about half of them in 44, 3 inch peat pots. After they get a couple of inches i will thin to one plant per pot and transplant into my garden and keep the rest potted on my deck out of view. I already have "legal" poppies in my yard so no suspicion will be drawn.

    I'll post more pics when the sprout.

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  2. they should really have a general grow forum section such as poppies, mushrooms strains, salvia, kratom, kava kava, etc etc

    good luck and post some pictures ASAP i wanna see some scored pods lol
  3. Most definitly. I cant wait to harvest my own opium.
  4. Good luck man...those fuckers grow MAD slow indoors....well i had some nice 4 week old ones goin that i ordered from the same site...had to throw them in the woods when po-po showed up at my door.
  5. Seriously.. Growing them indoors is a bad idea unless you really know what you're doing. They grow fantastic outdoors in most places so you might as well just go pick put a few in your garden.. Assuming you're some kind of hippie-type green-thumb, you might have to just start a garden of california poppies, or some other legal poppy to make them blend in better..

    Good luck :)

  6. No man as i said I'm just starting indoors, these fuckers will be planted outside asap. I know they don't respond to transplanting, that's why i started them in peat pots so i can just stick them in the ground. I mean come on I'm growing 44 of them, i ain't got that big of a grow room.

    Why the hell po po at the door?
  7. I hope to grow some poppy this year, it's a little early where i'm at though:smoking:
  8. ahhh i got ya man...that sounds like a good gonna try an outdoor poppy grow this year as well...i got the hens and chickens, and persian white seeds

    they showed up for a chimney fire i had. I had no choice but to call 911 or my place would have burnt down. I lost alot of good marijuana genetics that night including the real Matunuska thunderfuck x KC brains Mango. That was a purple semi-autoflowering plant and i have seen nothing like it anywhere online.

    The good thing is i live in the middle of no-where and it took them 40 mins to arrive at my and my roomate got rid of all the evidence by throwin everything in the woods. Of course the lights were still hangin and what not but we just said we were gonna start our vegatables indoors so we would have a good garden this year. lol

  9. I hear you thats why i keep my mothers at a seperate local, my grow room is extremly well hid, as a matter of fact the cops searched my house actually looking for pot plants and couldnt find it. Stupid Cops, lol. I mean they didnt tear the house apart but still.
  10. That must be one hell of a hiding spot, or some really stupid cops.. Haha
  11. No its a really good hiding spot, a dog would hit on it but you'd be hard pressed to locate it otherwise. But yea the pigs are dumb.

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