my pop tart is gone.

Discussion in 'General' started by darksmoker, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. was eating a strawberry poptart. the hard icing was giving me a boner it was so good. then i reached into the wrapper.. nothing. w.t.f. i could not belive it. i could...still taste it in my mouth....but now...tis gone. so. the question is. should i eat another? its just chillin on my floor...need advice NOWNOWNOWGOGOGO
  2. get another pop tart then masturbate while eating it.

    don't get jizz on it though
  3. I say jizz on it and whatever happens happens
  4. Nah what you need to do is get yourself some icing, rub it all over your dick and stick your dick in the nearest strawberry jar of jam as soon as possible, what a fantastic idea
  5. smores poptarts > strawberry............... Just saying, man..
  6. you should just smoke the pop tart. it would get all poppy and shit ya know? might ice down that need for the icing shit. POP
  7. if my reps meant anything id +rep you for hat cause now i gotta fuckin try man

    smores are the best man. i wish we had some. :(


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