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  1. So I have this plant that's been flowering for about four weeks. It is outdoors and my dad made the soil which probably isn't a good thing. We never give it nutrients, first year growers. It's White Widow if that helps. I have looked around and can't figure out what's causing the problem. The leaves are yellowing and the tips are drying out to a brown. Today I looked and one had completely died and was hanging as if the stem of the fan leaf was healthy and something severed the end.I know bugs are one problem but could I also be experiencing some kind of deficiency? Oh, and we mostly let the weather wayer this five gallon bucket of goodies but sonetimes we take a hose to it, whatever PH thst msy be.
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    First picture is fanleaf and then my buddies.
    I'll have to post pictures later, this device is freaking out.

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