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  1. My Butterfly

    Here i sit at the edge of a cliff;
    as bright purple beams of the sunset pierce the sky;
    where I've always sat ;
    wishing for a friend;
    and then you came into my life;
    and landed on my hand;
    a beautiful little butterfly;
    a gift from god;
    w/ beauty rivaling the sunset;
    I love you butterfly;
    I pray you never leave i pray you never die;
    as you fly away into the night sky;
    you must share your joy, this I know;
    way beyond words;
    so here I sit;
    where Ive always sat;
    wishing for a friend;

    This is a a poem i wrote after a bad break up. It is not about a butterfly its about god sent beauty coming into my life and me not wanting to let go.

    Enjoy beauty for all things are changing.

    Take it from my realization, all moments are sacred we should treat them like such.
  2. Cool story bro

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