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  1. i watered my outdoor plants today and they are seemingly way too tall for their size. they have the first two serated leaves and then 2 new sets of 3 each. the stems are like 5 or 6 damn inches an are leaning under the weight of he leaves and stuff. is this ok? its kinda a shady area i got them in but it stil gets several hrs of sun a day. maby their tryin to grow up to the light? what do you think?
  2. my plants are doing the exact same thing i had to stick pencils next to the stems to hold thm up. I assume this is natural and thell be fine, once they get older im sure the stems will get stonger
  3. [​IMG]

    My plants like that too.

    For mine it's just cause the light was to far away. I'm not sure what's wrong with yours because you're growing outside?
  4. Your right about the light. Its called stretching. Usually you want the nodes to be as close together as possible. Easy if your indoors but not so easy out. i would try to get some more sunlight on it. I dont even know if id stake it up. If its in immediate danger of bending or breaking do it, if not you want the plant to move with the wind to make it stronger. You just stake it there its not moving. I would move the stem around alittle by hand to strenghten it up.
  5. FGS give that poor baby some light!!!!!

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