my plants is getting out of control !, plants are 90cm @ 16. days of flowering .

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  1. i have 7 plants in grow tent ( 120cm X 120cm X 200cm ) with 600W dual spectrum hps.
    i use bio bizz full line.

    tallness of my plants is about 90 cm and they are 16. days of flowering .
    i grow 5 skunk 1 and 2 WW. WWs are slightly taller.

    is 90 cm tallness normal for 16.days of flowering period ?
  2. your plants will continue to grow for a few weeks into flowering stage. the ww is more on the stativia side of genetics so it naturally is gona be kinda tall and lanky. there isnt much you can do now that your plants are already flowering but for the future you can control the hight of plants by topping them, this will also produce more node sites because marijuana is like a hydra, everywhere you cut an apical node off two will form. also with the knowledge that your plants will continue to grow for the first few weeks of flowering you can start them before they reach the height you are looking for so they will grow into it. happy harvest :)
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    i already topped them in vegging mate :)

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