my plants have deep brilliant purple streeks through their stems?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Johnmarley, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. i have 2 plants and they both have really purple like tropical looking streaks through the main stem and up on some branches also some leaves have turned purple on the underside. the plants are very healthy and vigorous and i am using cfls to grow them.
    what could this be from? it looks really trippy almost like the plant was colored.:confused:
  2. hahahahaha.


    thats called chronic brotha:smoke:
  3. plants will turn purple to fight against cold weather....
  4. am i keeping the room to cold?
  5. some strains have purple veining on the stems and leaves. My main crop (LB1) has purple stems on its fan leaves and it has grown in all different conditions and every one has this purple streaking.
  6. Mine go purple when I have a nute deff.
  7. wat strain is it?
  8. It's either genetics or the room is to cold.
  9. mine are the same way. purple streaks through the stems and some bits of the leaves. the room is a steady 78 or so. i have been feeding them and they are growing like crazy just with some purple streaks.
  10. My first grow the plants had a lot of purple branches. One plant's stalk and branches were almost completely that I look back I think its a nute deficiency along with a characteristic of some strains. Look into what deficiency it could be and maybe there are other symptoms or somethin.
  11. well its some sort of purple strain because its only on two of my plants and the other one that i have is pure green and bushy as hell and all the plants are healthy and growing like crazy not to mention stinking the hell out of my house (hopefully my carbon filter i just bought for like 200 bucks will help that problem).

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