My plants got pollinated somehow??

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  1. This is nuts man, we had a grow in my closet with 4 Female plants...All males were cut and an early age...3 are bagseed and 1 is jack flash x super skunk. Anyway, the 3 bagseeds were flowering very well, and my friend and I noticed these pumps in the flowers. Well, we cut them and discovered the plant had been pollinated. Our grow room had no males whatsoever, no hermys, just female plants. I live in fl so maybe since my friends left the windows and doors open during theday pollin must of floated into the room. Thats the only logical thing i can think of.... The Jack Flash is no where near done flowering, so if it happens have seeds in it, will the weed be better than the original jack that i have. Or since it crossed with another plant that could of been really shitty would it make the next generation shittier?
  2. Theres really no way of telling. First try to find out what strain its was crossed with or try to at least narrow it down. What was your friend growing. Second, thats the funny thing about f2, f3 and so on, its unpredictable. Say you cross White Widow and Jack Flash, your fisrt seeds may be mostly WW, mostly JF, or a combo of both. Theres really no sure way to tell. If you do find the perfect seed, use the seeds from that and polinate the same 2 plants from the one good seed and your golden. As far as this plant who knows, its anyones guess. It all depends on the time and effort you want to put into your "project".
  3. It could be a variety of things. You could have a male flower somewhere in the mix, it could even be false seed pod's -- just pockets without actual seeds.

    That sucks man. Don't quit at it though, a bad grow is part of the learning process.
  4. Are you sure they are seeds and not false seed pods? False seed pods look very much like seeds except the pod is empty. If they are seeds you either had pollen in there from a previous grow or some pollen traveled inside from an outdoor wild male; not impossible.
  5. thanks, but nah they r def seeds. We heated a little staulk to dry it out and there were like 9 seeds in it...fuckin nuts man.
  6. Grow the seeds to maturity and at least you will then have spare seeds. Seeds are ripe when they start to "shell out".
  7. what shitty luck... I think having pollen from some random cannabis plant floating around, and coming into your house causing your plants to form seeds, is probably the most stretched out yarn I've heard. I'd take another look at those females and see if they've gone hermi. females will turn male if they are stressed enough, weather its from underfeeding, overheating, or light getting into your flowering room. The pollen thing might be true if you and yer friend are around male plants alot. Maybe one of the males pollen sacks matured before you could take it out, I'd keep checking for pollen sacks though. It sucks having to clean everything in yer grow room from pollen, but it's well worth it.

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  8. ...and better than no grow at all.
  9. One ya didn't get the males in time (which I think ya did).
    Two , take a good look at UR hermi.
    No pollen came in through the widow unless ya have a feild of MJ growing out ur window.
    Its a hermi , one good thing they will be fem seeds, and what ever strain it is.

  10. Dude.
    Do you have any idea how far pollen travels? One single male can pollinate an entire field of females, from miles away, if the wind is right. When a male releases pollen, trillions of microscopic particles are released and they can be carried very far distances. In the 1970's measurements of the air were taken by scientists in Los Angeles. Along with a lot of smog and pollutants, there was a very high measurement of cannabis particles in the air. All of it was apparently just from pot growing out in the wild. You may think it is far fetched (and maybe it is) but, it is entirely possible. This is especially true since he said he always keeps the windows open.

    P.S. This is not the first time we have seen a thread like this. Mysterious pollination seems to happen all the time here on GC.
  11. Look what I found googling :

    The Cabezudo team published a report, in 1997, called Atmospheric Transportation of Marijuana Pollen from North Africa to the South-west of Europe. It includes enough maps and isentropic air trajectory diagrams to make the situation clear, and perhaps to help any investigators who might want, for whatever reasons, to make travel plans to observe the phenomenon. Winds wander eastward from the Atlantic Ocean, cross over the northern tip of Morocco, get tanked, so to speak, at the plantations, and then veer northward for the happy jaunt to Spain.

    from :,5500,1244017,00.html

    Meaning pollen can be INTERCONTINENTAL!

    So which one of you no-no's is breeding males out there?
  12. Nice artical, but in this case I don't belive it happened here, Just my opinion. I agrre 100% pollen can travel. In the artical they talk about north Morocco and southern Spain just about touching. they also say plantations of weed that fill the air. As I said in my post above , I think it could have happen with a feild (i won't even go to the plantation level) out side his window, otherwise I'll stick to the hermi theroy. MJ has a natural responce to self generate. Also we don't know the enviorment he was growing in . It can't be perfect with the windows open. I have had a fem mazar from DP that gave me six beans and only found them after the cure and breaking of the buds, in a closed room.I don't want to say it couldn't happen the way ya say , but I'll go with the hermi. Peace all
  13. I have been doing cloning now for many many years, and there is no males ANYWHERE, but somehow at least 1 out of 5 plants i find 1 or 2 seeds but thats about it..

    How this happens? i have no idea, i watch my plants multiple times daily and there is no hidden hermie anywhere that i might have passed on for the years.

    Dont know man, it just happens, PS the seeds never pop either so it is something very wierd.
  14. As for pollen travel, nah, not in my case, coz it happened on 2 plants out of my 48 plants i had in my sealed indoor grow that never got even the hint of outside air as i used co2 injection.
  15. im his friend... i checked everything... it was a hermi problem.. we got 2 baby flowers.. it got to the jack.... shes still got about another month and a half... do u think there is enough pollen in there to keep makeing more seeds? or do u think whats polenated is polenated.. do we still have a problem?
  16. No no problem,,, its very strange though how it happens, you might get 2-3 seeds on the plant... no worries.
  17. If ya can see that its a hermi now, 1 ya can pick offthe balls as ya see them or 2 if they R very limited I would just let it go and keep the seed and experiment if they R good strains (which I think they were), because they will be fem seed, hermi , but fem . IMO growq them out and keep the seeds.
  18. Did you know red desert sands blown up by the wind can travel all the way from the sahara desert into the Netherworld.... uhhm ..lands?

    Thats a long long way allright for sandgrains!:)
    Pollen can be intercontinental allright.

    Maybe some super secret government agency is growing male pot plants and having them flower in an effort on the war on drugs!:D
  19. I agree with ya, pollen flies. But again I don't think it was in this case that his plants became pollenated. As he said it was a hermi.The first example was of plantations sending pollen in the air, which yes I agree.Its a Plantation. Again sand travel across the desert, I can agree there also, because there are no obstuctions. U might blow away in a desert storm because of nothing to break the wind.:wave:
  20. Pollen and fine desert sands which travel over long distances can be a few kilometers up in the sky. Once they're up there, there's nothing stopping the wind from there to anywhere on earth except the wind itself.

    In the Netherworld.. uhhm..lands where I live many people grow weed indoors.
    In a city like Rotterdam, with only 500.000 people or so there are estimated to be 6.000 indoor plantages. Not like me 1 or 2 plants but hundreds or thousands of them.

    The risk of pollen coming in through the windows is real, but you are right it doesn't necessarily say anything about how his plants go pollinated!

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