My plants are dyeing week 3 flowering

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  1. They leafes are turning yellow and rolling up and dyeing at an alarming rate. I need help and fast will get pics up asap. The are in 707 soil. Watering with advanced nutes micro grow bloom and big bud with 6.7 ph light is a 1000w combo light temp is about 76-80 right now if you need any thing else let me know I wanna help you help me as much as possible
  2. you got a nitrogen def
  3. are the leaves also brittle and cumbling?
  4. They are yes it started with the lower leafs and is moving up the lower leafs seem to look good now and the top ones are dieing
  5. Please post pictures.

    What do you have in your soil?
    Whats your feeding schedule?
    How much water in what size pots?
  6. sprinkle some of your piss in the soil.. seriously, google it if you don't believe me.
  7. I water every other day

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  8. I think it's a 2 or 3 gallon pot and I water 3 gallons between 8 pots
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    If it's a nitrogen def what do I do to fix it
  10. Looks similar to a magnesium deficiency but its difficult to tell. Any lime in the soil?

    What is your feeding schedule?
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    Well I feed half dose of nutes with every watering and all I know is I have 707 soil
  12. Its an imminent P deficiency.

    Get the ph down.
    Up the nutes.

  13. So I should full dose on my nutes and drop my ph???? My run out is already a little on the low side are you sure that would help???
  14. In your first post, u stated it wuz at 6.7.
    Whats it at now ???

    I would aim for 6.3 - 6.5.

    And actually no, dont up the nutes.
    Stay the same.


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