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  1. I have had my plant on a 12/12 cycle for 11 days now. And it has grown 9'' in that time. I was wondering if that much growth was normal?! The plant is 31 days old and 35'' tall and only showing pre-flowers at this point, should it be past this stage or is it fine?
    I'm here to ask if my plant is looking good! and to ask if it should be flowering by now. i don't even know the sex.

    please comment!! thanks for reading!!!:smoke:

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  2. yeah that seems pretty normal, a plant usually starts growing tremendously during flower and then tapers off..
  3. Is that a mirror in your setup? They steal lots of light! Plant looks nice, I would have taken a clone and flowered it though to make sure its a girl.
  4. Not enough light, looks like its stretching to me, not "growing".
  5. Seems your question was answered OP.

    Anony, what happened to your sig/avatar? I look for those like I look for seals of authenticity. Wheres gordon!?

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    no the mirror is outside of the closet door. and as for " not enough light" i have 3- 42watt cfl's at 2700K how nuch more do i need?!! and i don't know how to clone to find the sex
  7. how specificly do i LST? so i can stop the streching
  8. You need to do some reading if you don't know how to clone yet. Cloning is fantastic, you might have a male and wasted all that time and effort. I don't use cfl's so I can't comment on the lights but your plant does look stretched. Did you have the cfl's close to the plant? Looks like it has stretched to reach the lights.

    Good luck

  9. yes i have had the lights 1-4 inches above the plant the whole grow and thanks i will read on cloneing
  10. It's very easy to clone, if you do a search on cloning, there are more than enough info on different methods which might suit you.
    Also, if you don't want to clone for sex, just wait til your plant is mature (showing preflowers or alternode), then cover a lower branch (if you could be bothered) from light for 12 hours a day. Use a large brown paper bag covered with a black plastic bag (lightproof material would be ideal). Use a rubber band to seal the bags/material to the branch. Support the bag, so that it isn't obstructing the top of the branch. Around 2 weeks time it will show it's sex.
    To speed up showing sex, it's best to leave the branch in darkness for the first 24 or 48 hours. This method will not harm or cause high stress to your plant.
  11. thanks!
  12. Sorry Eagle, i wrote that without reading your first post. I thought you were in veg and not flower. So obviously doing the bag method will make no difference lol
  13. Did you top your plant? it looks topped. Which is suppose to make the plant slow down its growing if i'm correct?
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    yes i topped it. but that was 15-20 days ago. im just glad its a SHE! anyone recomend a fert for flowering? check out the thread (FEM?)
  15. Some advice on the lights. You are gonna want to use more bulbs, I would receommend using 6-8 soft white/cool white CFLs (2700K). If you can find the 150 watt equivalent, (package will say 43 watt) go for those. With CFLs, more is better. And keep them as close to the plants as you can without burning. Check out Kamel's CFL thread at the beginning of this section. Good info for ya.
  16. 6 to 8 lights for 1 plant!!!! i didn;t realize!
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    I agree on adding more light.... put some 42w around the sides because 3 at the top wont penetrate down very far at all..

    Target had soft white 42w bulbs for $8 and change time you grow make sure you use all of that 5gal... looks like your only using 4gal of that pot

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