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  1. here are some pics of this plant what do you think and how long untill its finished based on looking at the pics?





  2. a couple weeks based solely on the pics..
  3. Lovely juicy my brother!

    hope everyone on grasscity smokin that good?

    toke up bros.

    we are ALL blessed.
  4. looks great! :D
    3-5 weeks Id say... you definitly got some major bud swell still do come, since even the plant has barely even started to use up its leaves.
  5. baumeister how many leaves will fall off and if those buds swell to much more the plant won't sit up already holding it up with bricks as it is heavy.
  6. what, youre leaning bricks against it? thats stupid. stake it!
    all the big leaves will gradually fall off... leave them on until theyre really sucked dry
  7. put a pipe or stake of wood into the ground just beside the plant and tie the stem to it.will hold it up no bother.
  8. yeah ill stake it today just put a brick where it was leaning so it wouldn't lean its in a big ass pot so it can be moved for maximum sun, so ill have to stake it in the soil its growing in.
  9. stick the stick a couple inches away from the stem to reduce the chances of hitting big roots... dont worry too much though, the plant can handle it.
    after tying the main stem to the stake, also tie some string out from the stake and around the plant so that the branches cant fall outward. this is pretty much standard procedure for big outdoor plants.
  10. if you guys are thinking 3-5 weeks on what week should i start flushing her?
  11. what did you feed her?
  12. im still feeding her dutchfest part a and part b.
  13. whats that? ^^
  14. this, plus the day time temps are around 15 degrees celsius and about 10 degrees at night and only lowering quickly 8 weeks untill winter so if she's not finished soon the weather will take care of her.



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  15. last pic is part b
  16. why are you using hydro nutes for a soil grow? ^^
    stop feeding now and flush whenever you water. watch out for mold! that and frost are the two things you gotta fear (besides pests which you dont have) that would justify an early harvest.
  17. dude at the hydro shop said this is perfect for soil doesn't change the ph value at all and has every thing the plant needs to thrive.
  18. I wouldnt have thought so, but the plant looks great so it hasnt been bad. its definitly one you should flush though.
  19. its due for water tomorrow with flushing her should o just put the normal 5 litres threw her or really give it to her this time like 10 litres?
  20. better flush too much at a time than too little... the soil is supposed to be completely saturated anyways. using more water wont add drying time, just wash out more salts.
    so just water really hard, let it soak in and repeat several times over a few hours, then let it dry out normally. should be able to do that at least twice before harvesting,but it may take long for the soil to dry out, depending on the weather.

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