my plant seems to have stoped growing

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  1. ok so im only about 18 days into this and this is my first time planting.i have i in a plastic cup for a little over a week and it was growing really really fast, well just recently ive moved it into a bigger pot because i thought oh well its stopped growing maybe i need to move it to a bigger container so about 3 days ago i moved it into a bigger container and its still doing fine but its not growing anymore its just got the 2 round leaves from the beginning and 2 pointy leaves its onlly 3 1/2 inches tall and im getting worried that it mioght die,i dont over water it ive got a light on it all the time and im doing everything i was told to do but its just gotten to like a road block. theres a picture of it.

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  2. May be shock from the transplant...That plant also looks a little stretched.
  3. Try and put the light closer it's stretching towards the light and make a mound of dirt around it to sturdy it up it should be ok I'd say use some thrive but looks too young
  4. i was also thinking it might be a little stretched too, but if it was shock from the transplant than why was it like this before the transplant, that was the reason i moved it.what is "thrive"? and is it bad that its stretched?
  5. We'll i wouldn't use thrive just yet. but yes move light closer if you let it stretch like that it can get to big for your grow space. Also when it gets bigger it can fall over and cause all kinds of trouble for you. just some friendly advice.
  6. thanks everyone for the advice but im wondering why its stoped growing and are there any tips on how to get it to grow faster and how do i know if its a male or female
  7. it could have stopped growing for any reason.. heat over 85 and it doesnt grow.. not enough light.. crap miracle grow soil can make it stop growing from over fert. high ph or too low of ph, too much water/ not enough water.. no co2/ poor ventilation. you cant tell if its male or female until it begins to flower. once the lighting is switched to 12/12 or once you veg for a long time they usually show sex
  8. shit! miracle grow can make it stop growing? cuzz thats what ive been using all along and its gotten me this far 0.o i have a fan on it also so im sure i have good enough venilation and ive just recently switched from a heat lamp to an ordinary cfl so maybe thats it, how long would it take for it to adjust to the change of bulb?
  9. if its shocked and stopped growing it usually takes 4-10days before it gets back to original growth. and yes tons of people have problems using miracle grow.. the nutes are pretty strong for seedlings and clones and it will fry them in most cases. what was the temp range in your grow box? and just a fan blowing on a plant isnt actually giving it fresh air or co2 its just moving junk air around unless you have vents. you want mild temps good airflow lots of light and good soil and it becomes much easier..
  10. well right now i just checked the temp and its 78.3 degrees farenheit and i have the door open so the fresh air circulates i have the light on it like all the time
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    i would suggest changing the soil then.. from your picture its looking a bit yellowish and skimpy. when i first started growing like 10yrs ago i started with miracle grow and never had any luck with it.. they would sprout and die. the soil probably has beads of nutes in it and when watered it pops those open causing a high dose of ferts to hit the roots and fries them.

    also what is the ph of your water source or the ph of the run off water? that will let you know if its the soil or the water source 5.5-6.5 is a good range to stay within with around 5.8 is what i shoot for
  12. It'll probably slow down growth when it's transplanted, there's not too much to worry about at this stage. But yes, move the light closer, it looks stretched. Lots of people say MG doesn't work, but I've used it and I know a number of people who have used it with no problems.
  13. the plant itself is skimpy but its not yellowish the light makes it look like that, but thats exactly what the nutes are coming from these weird disgusting looking beads that pop open and idk what the ph of my water is i know soft because i have a water you have any ideas on another soil option other thyan miracle grow?

  14. true there are many kinds of mg soil.. ive used the organic choice and it went just fine. just measure the ph of the run off and it will tell you. also he says it stopped b4 the transplant... just rule out each possibility one at a time.

    also since the plant is quite stretched try putting it a little deeper and cover up the stretched part once it takes off again =]
  15. ive had good results with happy frog and fox farm.. but that mg soil with the beads in it ive never had luck stabilizing the ph. even flushing wont necessarily pop all the beads and lower the ph. search around here for mg soil and see what many others think about it.. most will say toss it.
  16. idk witch kind i used i used the one that says "grows plants twice as big" idk what its called but being what is says it probably does have to much nutes any suggestions on a different soil?
  17. ok and when it starts growing again how much deeper should i put it?above the bottom leaves or under them?
  18. how many hours a day do you have the light on. it should be on 18 hours off 6 until you want it to flower then switch it to 12/12
  19. Correct 12/12 flowers in reenacts autumn season

  20. Not true. 18/6 or 24/0 is your own choice. I have tried both and see no difference except quicker growth with 24/0.

    Bury it up to just below the first set of leaves and get a weak fan blowing air around just enough to make it move slightly, not directly on it. This will strengthen your stem and as others have said, get the light closer. If this means LESS light, than so be it. Right now you need strength more than growth rate.

    Sorry about your soil choice but you can still make this work. Have patience :)

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