My plant is sick and I don't know what is wrong with it

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  1. i am a beginner grower and I am running into a few problems with this clone I received from my friend. Can anyone tell me what's wrong with it ? I have been feeding it with fox farm grow big with a baby spoon, mixed in with a spray bottle.

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  2. You spray feeding?

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  3. Yes I am spray feeding
    yes I am
  4. Why is there a leaf taped down?

    Try mist spraying with just water just as the lights go off.

    Also, to start with mix 1 tea spoon of fox farm grow big per 1 gallon / 4.5 litres of water, shake it up and water with that.
    Don't water every day unless it clearly needs it, and make sure to give it plain water in between nutrient feeds. So one time nutrients, next time just water, next time nutrients etc etc.

    Do you know the soil PH? And what is your soil mix?
    Also, how's your drainage? Does water drip from bottom of pot when you feed?

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  5. For LST I can only presume... Sometimes I'll use my leaves if I don't have a good spot to tie down my buds... but I have seen others tape the edges of leaves to pots to lst their plants... to each their own I personally just use string and tie a knot around the leaf branch worst comes to worst... lol I actually have a couple branches being held up on my plants by the fan leaves

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  6. Yes there is good drainage, and I do water when the soil on the top is very dry, the tap is for LST so in my best belief the light will target more leafs for much more bushier grow. And it's soil that my friend gave me I'm not too sure, and I don't know the PH in the soil how do I get that? Do you know what this plant is diagnosed with?
  7. If you have a wilkinsons shop in your area or almost any gardening store you can buy a soil moisture and ph tester for around £5, comes in very handy and mine also has a light tester to see how much light is getting to plants and was only £5.

    Your right about the LST, it's also good to top them with LST, but never tried that on a clone.

    Not sure exactly what is wrong but like I said try feeding it actually in the water once every other water and mist them with just water just before lights go off.

    And check that pH when possible
  8. If you do want to top it I'd probably let it grow another week or two before doing so. There's not much of a rush

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  9. T
    thank you so much for your help! I wasn't expecting anyone to reply to me! Highly appreciated mate.. this grow is in Las Vegas and my hopes are high the weather here is very trash haha, but I will check to get those items man.
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  10. Wha
    what do you think are the best light for these babies
  11. Minimal nutes with ro water drenching soil . no more spray feeding big risk for mold and light burn also makes it less likely to damage plant compared to spraying it directly on leaf . Maybe soil could've been a bit too hot with nutes as it is? Idk if all that made sense I'm high af lol

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  12. No problem, you give help you get help that what I believe :)

    If you don't have a wilco you can get them from eBay and Amazon for cheap too!
  13. Get a 1000w HPS lamp best money you will ever spend, Dont top the plants until they have 5 nodes then top those 4 at 5 nodes and you with a little love and not overdoing things will end up with this!!!! IMG_0047.JPG
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