my plant is going crazy!!! (with photo) need help

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by petergriffin551, May 18, 2010.

  1. hi everyone:

    this is a auto-white dwarf (by Budda) and she has been growing since 4/24, and i had just transplanted her into a bigger pot 2 days ago and she showed this today!!!



    she is so young and showing sex (male?) so freakin' weird, what's wrong?
    was it the stress of transplantation which caused her hermie?
    what's the reason?
    and should i throw her away...(sad)

    thanks for your time and reply!!!
    have a nice day and a nice grow
  2. Yep it a Male. Toss it!
  3. Autoflowering plants can show sex before they're even on the second or third node. Not really particularly out of the ordinary from what I understand - although I have not grown AF plants so I can't say from personal experience, only second-hand knowledge. :wave:

    Don't toss the male unless you don't care about continuing the line/don't have a place to keep the male isolated...if you're not willing/able to hit your females with the pollen, then get rid of it
  4. dude i just posted the same thing on here. im glad im not alone. my plant is doing well. i did give it to many nutes so i flushed and now its getting better but i noticed about 4 days ago that its showing male signs of sex at 1.5 months of vegging. and NO ITS NOT AN AUTOFLOWER... i know my ruderalis strains well. so i was confused as well to why this happens. and i really dont wanna waste my best baby. even soo i could keep it for pollen so i can cross pollenate. but who knows :p mine does not have as defined balls but you can see them starting where the nodes are. and i had 1 turn out like yours as well fullll male like sacks already opening and i never once introduced 12/12 light. so i say WTF man lol :p
  5. well it has been 3 weeks since planting and autos show around then ..but either way ..she is a he....

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