My plant growing half leaves

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  1. Hi I first nuted for first time terra vega a few days ago

    They have just gone in to flowering

    And they are now producing these ? What the hell is happening

    2FF17890-FAC2-44D2-BB71-0FF77C7531BC.jpeg 64B9CB5A-B644-43C0-811A-17FFE3DC99CB.jpeg B9ED2730-43F2-4782-A8EA-8D791A4CE816.jpeg A26F658E-5A97-4A94-B191-94410E2FDBB8.jpeg 74A98118-1D48-4C47-A496-E1E14D07417D.jpeg 74A98118-1D48-4C47-A496-E1E14D07417D.jpeg E063F694-4780-43D5-9D29-9125B0A1986F.jpeg
  2. Not sure but looks similiar to this maybe? 1561035376730.jpg
  3. So potentially it could of snapped back into veg mode?
  4. Not 100% sure. What nutes are you using/light schedule for flower?
  5. Maybe because I gave it Tera vega 3 days ago and induced flowering last night?
  6. It could possibly be that. Cannabis is a photoperiod plant therefore when in veg it'll tell the plant to get bigger and grow. When you have darkness is when the flowering starts, to my understanding. Could have snapped back into veg if you interrupted the dark period
  7. Could be the tera vega thats a nute specific for veg right?
  8. Yes it is

    I was under the impression to start using bloom feed a couple of weeks in ie use veg nutes first week or so of flower? Could be wrong though
  9. That sounds right. Veg food for first 10 to 14 of a 12/12 light schedule.
  10. Have you interrupted the dark period at all?
  11. No lol but I think I might of done it whilst Fiming/topping lol I just realised them little bits on the side I cut off were leaves my bad

    However 3 new tops lol
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